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Thailand-based skincare brand Soft Theory brings innovative Single use lotion to the global market

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Thailand-based skincare brand Soft Theory brings innovative Single use lotion to the global market

July 09
02:51 2021
Soft Theory, a leading skincare brand based in Thailand, brings a revolutionary Single only lotion that contains all-natural ingredients to help relieve extra dry skin conditions.

Leading Thailand-based skincare company Soft Theory is out to redefine the global market with its Single use lotion, a product for relieving extra dry skin conditions to help reveal more healthy-looking skin.

When people suffer from very dry skin conditions or xerosis cutis, it often comes with itchiness, which tends to leave marks on the skin.  

“People with very dry skin condition experience skin inflammation, which subsequently leaves some undesirable marks on the skin. Hence, a moisturizer for dry skin that also helps restore skin freshness is crucial,” Kanya asserts.

“What Soft Theory brings is a product packed with carefully selected ingredients that help reduce this skin problem. It is designed for single-use to reduce contamination,” Kanya Pujjusamai, owner of Soft Theory Co., Ltd.

Kanya says very dry skin conditions require a long-lasting moisturizing effect than regular skin. 

This makes the product an excellent choice, Kanya says, given its deep skin nourishment for very dry skin. It also reduces the use of a steroid for those with psoriasis. 

The Single use lotion, which is available on Amazon and, is also a travel-size lotion, making it an excellent choice for the new normal modern lifestyle, especially with more people looking to travel again after more than a year of pandemic-induced lockdowns.

Soft Theory uses oil-based moisturizer to benefit skin nourishment by adding Yellow Tomatoes Fruit Extract (Colorless Carotenoids), Moringa Butter, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E.

The skincare brand says Yellow Tomato effectively reduces marks easily visible on very dry skin after scratching and gently soothes sunburn to revive the dull complexion. On the other hand, Moringa enhances skin hydration to soothe rough and dry skin for effective skin balance restoration. 

Meanwhile, the ingredient Jojoba can be easily absorbed by the skin due to a similar structure with the human’s sebum to help reveal healthy-looking skin. At the same time, Vitamin E is rich in antioxidants to help prevent free radicals, the leading cause of cell aging.

Skin Theory says it is highly essential to warm the oil before applying it to the skin, so users get the most moisturizing benefit. 

The Single use lotion bar is formulated to allow the release of the oil by simply rubbing the product in one’s palms. The heat generated warms the lotion bar and releases the oil, allowing easy absorption into the skin.

Soft Theory stressed that the product is paraben-free, silicone-free, adding that the product’s oil-based formula can already help prevent bacterial contamination.  

The product comes with an exclusively designed package to satisfy the current lifestyle that is highly hygiene conscious. 

Those who want to learn more about the product could check out Soft Theory’s website. 

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