The Objectives Of The Different Types Of Refrigerated Display Cases

When it comes to refrigeration applications for supermarkets or convenience stores, refrigerated display cases are an ideal solution to help keep their products fresh and boost their business. There is a huge range of models and styles for your options including meat refrigerators, deli refrigerators, fish refrigerators, and more. You may think that all refrigerated display cases are the same if you are a new owner for a retail business or a caterer. business, but different foods have different requirements for their refrigeration and storage conditions, so how do you decide what is right for your business?

Meat display fridge is an ideal solution for supermarkets or butchers to help preserve their fresh meat as well as attractively showcase it to the customers to browse. Meat refrigerated showcase is constructed for meat storage that requires humidity and low velocity. The equipment works with two gravity coils to help constantly regulate the storage temperature inside the cabinets. Gravity coils are installed at the top and the bottom of the appliance for maximum efficiency.

NW-RG20BF Meat Display Fridge

NW-RG20A Meat Display Fridge

Deli display fridge is perfectly used for sandwiches, sushi, salads, cheese, butter, cooked meats, and so on. Deli refrigerated cases are designed that the cool air is blown directly onto the foods. The foods will always stay fresh and delicious as long as they are packed well and stored in the deli fridges. Most units come with dual-purpose glass doors on top, where foods and other items can get through the rear end of the countertop, and another storage cabinet is concealed underneath for backup inventory.

NW-SG20AYM Deli Display Fridge

NW-SG20AKF Deli Display Fridge

Fish display fridge is designed for storing fish and seafood products that are a particular type of items, and need to be specifically handled for keeping them fresh, this type of refrigerated showcase is designed to display an extensive range of fish and aquatic products. With an open display area that has a primary deck constructed with stainless steel, your fish and seafood can be displayed and stored with optimum temperature for a long period of time. Additionally, this type of display fridge is also a perfect option for chicken and other poultry.

From the appearance of refrigerated display cases, you may have an idea that they all look similar. But actually the most significant difference is the top & front display glass, which usually comes in two standard styles, that includes flat glass and curved glass, refrigerated display case with curved glass looks more aesthetic and particular but costs you more money due to the high processing cost.

All these types of showcases have efficient and other beneficial features on them, but each of them has its own display purpose, and maintains their specific temperature range to meet storage requirements. As mentioned above, meats, deli, and fish are separately stored in different cases, this is what we often notice in grocery stores and butcher shops.

An ideal refrigerated display case was designed not only base on its utility to keep your foods fresh and attractively displayed but also base on placement that is considered to maximize space your business. Nenwell Refrigeration has many years of experience designing and manufacturing refrigerated showcases and other commercial refrigerators that can meet all requirements of detail and catering businesses.

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