Australian Podiatrist Launches Kidzoles, a Children’s Orthotics Line, and Online Heel Pain Program

After the successful Australian launch of Kidzoles’ Heel Pain program in May 2021, the company looks to enter the American market come January 2022.

With many more families looking for online resources to solve pain, Kidzoles offers parents a Podiatry based program to fix kids’ heel pain from home – all whilst allowing children to play the sports they love. Director and Podiatrist Stacey Keating developed the online program to complement her prefabricated orthotic range Kidzoles. Their designs are staged for growth and development whilst simultaneously preventing and managing common pain pathways in children. The Heel pain program comes with a 40 day money back guarantee of results.

The latest statistics for children in the US show that only 24% of kids between 6-17 years of age get their recommended daily exercise. In an environment where media time, busy lifestyles, and recent pandemics all play a part on why children might not be participating in sports and other physical activities, Kidzoles aims to remove pain and lower limb fatigue as one of those reasons and encourage children to thrive in movement – aligning with a healthy body, healthy mind mentality.

“Our mission is to keep kids active, pain free, and having fun! We provide a staged exercise program alongside the Kidzoles orthotics tool kit so that children develop long term muscle strength and get the benefit of a holistic online resource,” says Dr. Stacey Keating (Podiatrist). “Some kids just feel uncomfortable in movement! Kidzoles provide pitch and pivot points that the foot and lower limb work around to optimise movement and reduce risk of pain.”

Many parents don’t know that a poor foot position can make their child’s feet sore, tired, and even painful now and into their adult life. Kidzoles is the first range of children’s orthotic insoles that aims to understand developmental stages of a child’s foot and support optimum position while they grow.

As a mother and skilled sports podiatrist for over 18 years, Dr. Stacey Keating (Podiatrist) knew there should be a preventative orthotic option for parents who themselves experience pain in their feet and wanted to reduce its risk in their children. Frustrated by the same shape of arch support insoles for every child in the prefabricated range, she spent over a year designing a range that considers foot development in children.

A 3 year old child does not load the same as an 8 year old child. Therefore, different insoles should be available to support the change to that load. This line has pitch points to support load at each stage of children’s development.

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About Kidzoles Pty Ltd

Kidzoles was designed as a range of kids orthotic insoles to support staged development of a child’s foot while also aiding to relieve most foot and lower limb pain presented commonly at certain ages. It has been a passion project of Dr. Stacey Keating, with her skill base for orthotic manufacture derived from a time her and husband Dr. Matthew Keating – who is also a podiatrist – owned and ran their own custom orthotic laboratory, making insoles for other podiatrists. She has owned multiple podiatry businesses and helps design and direct pairs of adult range lifesoles.

Dr. Stacey Keating is a skilled practitioner who still works as a podiatrist today – purely for the love of what she does and the effect she has to help people maintain a high quality of life.

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