Creative Biolabs Enables Efficient Development of PROTAC-based Therapy

Creative Biolabs, as a leading service provider in the field of biological study and drug discovery, is fully capable of providing one-stop Proteolysis Targeting Chimeric (PROTAC) based molecular drug development solution and has emerged as a promising therapeutic method.

New York, USA – October 25, 2021 – PROTAC molecule has a linker and two warheads, one binding to the target protein and the other recruiting the E3 ligase, whose bifunctional property enables the ubiquitination and destruction of the disease-causing proteins. It’s emerging as a revolutionary technique with the ability to provide therapeutic solutions that go beyond what’s currently available. With expertise in protein degradation and years of relentless exploration, Creative Biolabs provides custom one-stop PROTAC-based drug development solutions.

The initial step of PROTAC Molecule Discovery Service Package is ligand design for the protein of interest (POI) that can be:

* cytosolic, nuclear, and trans-membrane targets
* transcription factors, non-enzymatic proteins, scaffold proteins, kinases, etc.
* proteins with little references
* custom-made ligands with improved stability, biodistribution, and in vivo penetrability

PROTACs having the same target protein ligand but diverse E3 ligase ligands reveal varied selectivity for POIs and different degradation efficiency. Creative Biolabs helps screen the ligand for desired E3 ligases such as the Von Hippel-Lindau disease tumor suppressor protein (VHL), the Mouse Double Minute 2 homologue (MDM2), the Cellular Inhibitor of Apoptosis (cIAP), and cereblon (CRBN).

To get optimal PROTAC molecule, its structure should go through modification to reach the maximized degradation efficiency of the POI, which always follows the selection of the chemical linker with the best length and position for efficient ubiquitination.

Once the above procedures are completed, Creative Biolabs will focus on the synthesis of therapeutic peptide/compound.

* Use FMOC solid-phase technology to synthesize small peptides, and purify the products with HPLC.
* Microwave, ligation technologies, and chemical coupling approaches are used to boost efficiency and help reproduction.

“We have in-stock products to be used during the procedures,” said a PROTAC specialized technician, “we can also customize if the required is not in our list.”

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Creative Biolabs has a strong research team, and is a top biotech CRO, contributing to the development of novel therapies through international collaboration. Great progress has been made in the field of proteolysis targeting chimera (PROTAC) thanks to the unwavering efforts of the research team in their pursuit of perfection, and Creative Biolabs is now in a leading position, with services consisting of different modules that cover every aspect of PROTAC development.

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