Author’s new book “Sane Grace” receives a warm literary welcome

Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Fiction – Science Fiction book “Sane Grace” by Oliver  Phipps, currently available at

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Reviewed By Steve Leshin for Readers’ Favorite

“Sane Grace by Oliver Phipps takes place in the future. The world is divided into regions and the main character is based in San Antonio, the capital of the central region of the Commonwealth of the Americas. Her name is Grace, and she can kicks ass as a special agent for a military police force in her region. The opening chapter introduces the reader to the young woman who wears tight-fitting apparel and flirts with criminal types. That is just first impressions. There is more to Grace than meets the eye and as the story progresses we are not sure whose side she is on. Grace likes to drink, flirt, and wisecrack with anyone within earshot, especially her superiors in the military. This proves to be vexing to the people she works for and they would like nothing better than to get rid of her. However, someone up high is protecting her for some reason.

“Sane Grace works as a novella with snappy dialogue and a not too complicated plot. The secondary characters are along for the ride most of the time, except for Grace’s visits with Brad, who appears later on. The usual high-tech toys help set the futuristic setting that Grace operates in. A good portion of these helps her do very special jobs for her bosses. She also has personal problems off the job, and this becomes more important toward the concluding chapters. Oliver Phipps knows how to spin a tale with some witty dialogue from Grace, who seems to outthink and outperform her contemporaries in all situations. The chapters are relatively short and move along to keep your interest as a good story should. An enigma to everyone, her actions cause those around her to consider her insane. Find out the answer in this short but satisfying read.”

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