ATYS Sustainable And Exceptionally Designed Aluminum Brushes Are The Game Changer In Dental Care World

Ditch the disposable and upgrade to the clinically effective and eco-friendly aluminum toothbrush.

Protecting pearly whites come at a high environmental cost, even though statistics are damning for the sustainable toothbrush. For an entire lifetime, the average person uses 300 toothbrushes. Each year, more than ten million tons of plastic is dumped in the water, and the world consumes more than 3.6 billion plastic toothbrushes, the most of which end up in the ocean or landfills. Shifting to an eco-friendly toothbrush minimizes plastic pollution while being beneficial for health. One billion plastic toothbrushes are disposed of every year in the US, and ATYS aims to reduce that number with its eco-friendly toothbrush. With the ATYS aluminum toothbrush, one can improve oral hygiene while minimizing their use of plastic. Aluminum is one of the most recyclable materials available, and it can be recycled continuously.

ATYS is taking the dental care world by storm by introducing a one-of-a-kind sustainable aluminum toothbrush. They class apart by setting a new benchmark for oral care based on clinical effectiveness, quality, long-term materials, and excellent design. Their toothbrushes are made of a 100% recyclable aluminum handle and a biodegradable head that can be replaced. This allows users to maintain the brush’s handle and just switch out the heads as needed for a more sustainable, eco-friendly experience.

The toothbrush helps to keep excessive components out of landfills while also maintaining excellent oral health. With its sleek form and soft bristles, the Top-quality aluminum Brush provides a superior brushing experience that is healthier for both dental health and the environment. In addition, the collection was developed with the sustainable future of the product in mind, emphasizing re-use rather than re-make. ATYS is the winner of the 2021″Red-Design Award” and “If Design Award”. These awards are from prestigious international design competitions for product design, communication design and design concept.

With their sustainable innovation on the conventional manual toothbrush, ATYS is a revolutionary eco-friendly dental care company that aspires to alter the way people use and approach oral care products. Their products are available for purchase from their website for its one-of-a-kind sustainable development that will benefit both users and the planet. ATYS has two brush heads designed by dentists: a Double Layered model for effective plaque removal and an Ultra Soft model for sensitive gums. The ATYS toothbrush is designed to be ecologically friendly while also improving oral hygiene. The thin metal handle is both visually pleasing and ergonomically built to last a lifetime.

Their unique tooth set contains an eco-friendly aluminum toothbrush with a replaceable biodegradable head and a recycled stainless steel stand to keep the toothbrush in place. In addition, their teeth brush feature an elegant design and come in three color variations inspired by high-end technological products, making them appropriate for even the most demanding customers.

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