I Met Jesus Presented By RISING STAR

RISING STAR, the innovative fashion house based in New York City, presents the timeless art collection, entitled I Met Jesus.

I Met Jesus, includes several limited subcollections, I Met Jesus 5 Times This Year and He Named My Brand, I Met Jesus 5 Times Again…3 Times in January and I Met Jesus 10 Times. In total, the collection contains just over 100 photographs, which have received individual listings that range from 1.1 Million US Dollars to 10.1 Million US Dollars, with a selection of limited-edition photographs priced at 20.1 Million US Dollars.

Among the 100 photographs is The World’s Most Expensive Photograph titled Church Grounds. The divine image was priced by Jesus. The photograph was given a price of 32 Million shortly being changed to 33 Million by Jesus to accurately represent the age of his death. The spirit-led brand has now officially increased the price of the photograph to a priceless market value.

The photo will only be available for purchase during auction dates for the original price of 33 Million US Dollars to continue alignment with the 33 Number. After the last auction, the official owner and/or RISING STAR house will have a special temporary ownership contract available for future prospective buyers worth an increasing price starting at 1 Billion US Dollars. This one-of-a-kind piece illustrates the power of art when combined with God’s power.

I Met Jesus was carefully curated by RISING STAR Main Director, James Dennis. The collection includes only works of incredible quality and spiritual significance. The limited collection gives exclusive access to the World’s First Billion Dollar Digital Images. Three images, each of which have a price tag north of 1 Billion US Dollars.

The collection even includes a priceless sketchbook that the house has restricted from actual sale. The book is composed of 100 RISING STAR dress sketches. The house only gives one way to access this physical sketchbook and that is through a temporary ownership license that can be purchased starting at 3 Billion US Dollars.

The I Met Jesus collection is a timeless package. A RISING STAR spokesman said: “The work is the result of years of curation and divine alignment. It’s an honor to help revive the church in a way that is unique from the norm.” 

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