Facebook Launches Robotics Technology That Can Deploy Power Line Optical Cables

Recently, Facebook’s Facebook Connetivity company has released an overhead optical cable wiring robot called Bombyx, which can deploy optical cables along power lines.

Facebook claims that this is a cheap and fast way to deploy fiber optic cables, which can replace underground pipeline deployment for city-wide fiber optic cable deployment. 

Facebook Launches Robotics Technology That Can Deploy Power Line Optical Cables

Facebook Connectivity is a company under Facebook dedicated to promoting the popularization of the Internet on a global scale. The company said that Bombyx is still in the research and development stage, and they are seeking potential power system partners.

Facebook pointed out that the use of Bombyx to deploy optical cables can eliminate the need for manual intervention and avoid the usual power outages in the past.

But in order to achieve power line deployment, optical cables must be light enough.

Based on the fiber optic cable reinforced with DuPont Kevlar material, they have achieved a weight reduction of 10 times, and the size is only one-third of the previous one.

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