Simms Group Ltd. Celebrates 17 Years In Business and Resource Management

Now With An Established Presence in Various Industries Worldwide, The Simms Group of Companies Celebrates Key Milestone After Years of Operation.

In 2004, Ahilashen Sithravelu founded a small computer wholesale and retail shop from scratch, intending to provide informational appliance solutions to his fellow Sri Lankans. From this humble beginning seventeen years ago, S.Ahilashen’s start-up business would grow to a network of companies spanning several different industries serving not only Sri Lankans, but people all around the globe.

His companies, collectively the Simms Group Ltd., have now grown into an assembly of fourteen companies present in a number of countries worldwide.

The corporation has set a mark in a vast variety of industries including Medical Device Manufacturing, Non-Woven Manufacturing, Medical Material Distribution, PPE Distribution, Fashion Industry, 3PL Solutions, Edible Oil Exports, Commodity Trading, Hotel Industry, Construction, and more. It is now headquartered in Ontario, Canada.

One of Simms Group’s most prominent business ventures is Simms Tex, a manufacturing company specializing in nonwovens. These innovative, engineered fabrics are used for multiple applications such as medical, hygiene, agriculture, food and beverage, and filtration. Products include hairnets, head caps, surgical gowns, shoe covers, non-surgical isolation gowns, coverall, crop covers, crop protection bags, and mulch.

Simms Group also utilizes its nonwoven products for the benefit of medical professionals. Its medical device manufacturing arm, Medi Simms, is a manufacturer of professional-grade protective medical equipment. The company supplies protective gear from head to foot.

Unlike many newcomers, Medi Simms has been producing top-quality surgical masks and particulate respirators for years even before Covid 19. Its manufacturing operations were previously based in Malaysia and China. In an effort to help the Canadian people, the company immediately imported their products to the country during the onset of the pandemic.

Recently, Medi Simms has set up its own production center in Canada and is now an approved medical device manufacturer by Health Canada. It is an active medical device establishment license (MDEL) holder with license number 12929 and a bonafide member of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International. More information about the company can be found on Medi Simms website,

Moreover, Simms Group of companies has a growing presence in the hospitality sector, owning and operating several hotels in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Simms Group of Hotels comprises two and three-starred hotels namely the ​​SIMMS Grand Inn, the SIMMS Boutique Hotel, the SIMMS Garden Hotel, and Smart Hotel.

Though the business’ hotel arm struggled during the peak of the pandemic, the Simms Group has successfully maintained the operations of its hotels. S.Ahilashen and his team attributes this to the resilience and resourcefulness of the corporation.

Big Brand Fashion is the corporation’s fashion supply company that offers premium brand clothing products at very affordable prices. The company’s warehouse is currently located in Canada.

Other companies under Simms Group Ltd. include Simms Trading which deals with import and export and Bensiz which is a third-party logistics service provider. S.Ahilashen and his team are also on their way to launching Veera, a new brand of pet products and services.

The corporation sees its 17th anniversary as a strong testament to its proven leadership, innovativeness, and enduring dedication to excellence. In whichever industry that Simms Group lands, it ensures to bring its promise of improved quality, unmatched efficiency, and productivity to raise business success. This is a principle that the group upholds regardless of the company’s size, location, or business type.

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