Mechanical player AGELOCER – give new design vitality to mechanical watches

Not all designs have “vitality”. Good design works will consider not only the product itself, but also the association and interaction with user experience, design concepts, and functions. Mechanical watches are composed of hundreds of parts, which are just plain hardware parts before being processed. After being designed and polished, they are assembled by experienced watchmakers. With the beating of the core driven by the rotation of gears, a mechanical work with “vitality” was born in the world.

AGELOCER is not only an expert in mechanical watches, but also a player. It is built on the professionalism and love of mechanical watches. AGELOCER integrates rationality, beauty and creativity into every watch, making mechanical timepieces not only a tool for telling time, but also expressing the desire to explore the world in different mechanical forms. The product designer of AGELOCER said: The design vitality of the AGELOCER watch began from the initial conception. The design vitality is like a seed that breaks the ground. It has to accumulate a certain amount of power to break some inherent shackles. At least, it is inherited, but also innovative, a new bud of hope, and a design force that can grow up.

In the entire process from design to production of the watch, AGELOCER has implemented the “Always surprised” design concept to the end, so that consumers can truly feel the surprise. The concept of a product is not only an idea, but more importantly how to realize the idea. It is embodied in every second, every minute, and every hour of each AGELOCER watch. The wristwatch is no longer just a tool for displaying time. It uses different mechanical forms to explore the world, perhaps exploring the relationship between humans and the universe, or exploring the relationship between humans and speed. There are interesting stories on every AGELOCER watch, and you can find the traces of the fun soul behind it, as well as the design vitality of the new generation of mechanical watches.

Explore the fearless racing spirit and redefine the watch


The Big Bang series, which subverts the traditional expression of time, uses mechanical watches to show the brave and fearless racing spirit.

The design of the Big Bang series is inspired by the racing dashboard, applying the elements of the racing steering wheel to the 24-hour dial. This series of watches abandon the general appearance and flat structure, build a multi-level mechanical dial with rigorous technology, and accommodate 4 layers of hollow dials and interspersed hands in an ultra-thin space of 2.4mm thickness. It adopts a three-hand separation design, and the hour, minute and second hands each have their own timekeeping system, subverting the traditional way of timekeeping in watches. It is the silver award of the 2020 London Design Awards, the silver award of the 2021 Berlin Design Awards, the silver award of the 2021A’ DESIGN AWARD Italy A Design Award. It has been recognized by the international design community and redefines the mechanical watch.

Explore the universe with mechanical watches, and present a cosmic romantic timepiece with mechanical logic


The astronomer series watches are inspired by the sun, moon and stars, embodying the eternal origin of astronomical phenomena and expressing time. The AGELOCER Moon Phase watch breaks through the shackles of the small window mode of the traditional moon phase watch, and enlarges the window of the moon phase disc to the entire dial. A 3D engraved silver moon will move with time on the dark blue dial, use mechanical logic to present a cosmic romantic timepiece. In order to prevent the moon phase dial from sliding when worn, the designer reset the anti-reverse structure to prevent it from rotating due to the huge inertia caused by the expansion of the moon phase dial. The astronomer series watch won the silver award of the 2020 London Design Award, the silver award of the Berlin Design Award in 2021 and the silver award of the 2021 Italian A’ Design Award. It is one of the masterpieces of Agelocer’s combination of technology and art.

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