Canadian YouTuber Nearing 1 Million Subscribers Shares Creative Ways to Stay Fit at Home During Pandemic With Online Workouts

Tanner Wideman’s BarbarianBody YouTube channel and App are extending step-by-step workouts and physique transformation videos by globally renowned fitness expert.

Ontario, Canada – October 28, 2021 – With gym closings and lockdown rules in order for a fair share of the last one and half-years, fitness goals have gone for a toss. A major reason behind it is a lot of men are not acquainted with working out at home. In that light, Canadian-based fitness expert Tanner Wideman has been consistently sharing creative ways to stay fit at home during the pandemic. Added to his highly popular free YouTube channel, he has recently released his new app, BarbarianBody All-Access, which offers more extensive programs for men looking to get in shape.

Wideman spearheads a globally renowned fitness brand, BarbarianBody. He has been offering free online workouts through BarbarianBody’s YouTube channel that has become a huge YouTube sensation within just 5 years and is currently bustling with almost 1 million subscribers. What makes Tanner’s videos so effective is that he offers follow-along workouts for men from home, as well as highly informative (while simultaneously entertaining) tutorials for building muscle and losing fat.

Riding on the massive success of BarbarianBody’s YouTube channel, Wideman has recently launched the BarbarianBody All-Access App to share more extensive resources to his audience. The app is loaded with exclusive workout programs, diet plans, and workout manuals that are strategically designed to help men transform their body.

“With almost 2 years into the pandemic, taking care of physical and mental health has become more important now than ever. There is talk of further lockdowns around the world in the coming months (considering new COVID-19 variants) which only means gyms could be closed down again, and once again people would be left with lack of options for staying fit outside of their own home. This is where BarbarianBody’s YouTube channel and App comes to your rescue. We offer creative workouts to level up your fitness game even without access to a gym, so that you can continue your journey towards a great physique and strengthened mental health even while staying at home”, stated Tanner Wideman.

A fitness enthusiast since his teens, Tanner has always wanted to help people not only transform their bodies, but ultimately improve their lives and well-being. Such ethos led him to the launch of his renowned fitness brand and YouTube channel BarbarianBody 5 years back.

“I’m excited to share that the BarbarianBody YouTube channel is now approaching the milestone of 1 million YouTube subscribers. It feels really special; I’m grateful to all my subscribers for showing so much love and supporting the channel while I create workouts that can carry them through these crazy times. It’s their constant support that has helped me to scale up my brand further and take it a notch higher today with our own App; BarbarianBody All-Access.”

The BarbarianBody All-Access App is infused with a vast and versatile range of workout programs and fitness resources for men. These include:

  • 350+ On-Demand Exclusive Workouts
  • 8 Exclusive Workout Programs
  • Weekly Diet Plans For All Goals
  • 100’s of pages. of PDF Manuals/ Workout Logs for in-depth knowledge
  • Recipe books and more!

The app is available in both the Apple App Store and Google Playstore and can be even streamed from Desktop or cast to your TV. The app also comes with a FREE TRIAL for 7 days.

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  • 2,800,000 Views on this BarbarianBody Home Ab Workout that followers have been using since the start of the pandemic:

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