The Guaranteed Method to Getting Toddlers to Sleep Through the Night, with Jessica Berk

The Guaranteed Method to Getting Toddlers to Sleep Through the Night, with Jessica Berk
Jessica Berk, Founder Awesome Little Sleepers, LLC
The Secret to Getting a Toddler to Sleep All Night—Every Night!

TAMPA, FL – When they talk about having kids, every parent will say the same thing: “Be prepared to lose a lot of sleep.” In fact, it’s practically considered a parenting rite of passage to be woken up at three or four in the morning by a crying child, sometimes for years at a time. This can be extremely taxing on both parents, to say the least—after all, parents need sleep to function, too. Is there any way to get even the most disruptive child to sleep through the night? According to Jessica Berk, Certified Toddler Sleep Consultant, yes, there is!

Since becoming a parent herself, Jessica knows first-hand that when a toddler doesn’t sleep, nobody else in the house sleeps, either. Desperate to help her child sleep through the night (and get a solid eight hours herself), she dove head-first into research on sleep science. Not long afterwards, she received her pediatric sleep consultant certification from The Family Sleep Institute. Now, Jessica works with parents of toddlers & preschoolers on how to transition kids from crib to bed, how to make bedtime quick and stall-free, how to stop co-sleeping with kids, how to stop toddlers from waking up in the middle of the night, how to get toddlers to sleep later in the morning, and more!

Now, she wants to share her method with other struggling parents. She’ll be hosting “Proven Method to Get Your Toddler to Go to Sleep Alone,” a FREE Toddler Sleep Masterclass designed around the R.E.S.T. Method™ she developed over the course of her career. During this masterclass, she’ll be going in-depth on how to find the (R)ight Bedtime, an (E)xcellent Bedtime Routine, a (S)olo Sleep Strategy, and how to properly (T)ease a Reward. By the end of the masterclass, parents will learn how this proven method works to get kids sleeping through the night all on their own.

As an added bonus, Jessica runs a toddler sleep blog that offers numerous tips, tricks, and strategies on taking the guesswork out of fixing sleep behaviors for even the most stubborn toddlers. Additionally, she offers an exclusive “Sleep Tight Without a Fight” online course for children over two and a half years old that contains the night-by-night instructions that sleepless parents have been looking for. If that all sounds perfect, she takes it even further with her one-on-one sleep coaching sessions, which offer her personalized knowledge and advice for her clients, plus daily instruction and accountability.

The results speak for themselves. “Our 3-year-old son was terrorizing us to no end. We spent our evenings devoting several hair-pulling hours putting him down to be followed by a deep paranoia of him waking again,” reads one of many testimonies from formerly-sleepless parents. “Now, we put him into bed, go downstairs, and he falls asleep on his own. No more waking up at 4:50 AM.”

More information about Jessica, her R.E.S.T. Method™, and her masterclass can be found on her website. A wealth of information about toddler sleep from Jessica herself can be found at her blog here. A FREE spot in her upcoming masterclass can be reserved here.

Further questions can be directed to Jessica directly at [email protected].

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