Nobleland Expands into Business, Media and News, Promoting Environmental Consciousness

Nobleland, an environmental non-profit, grows to participate in the business, news, and mass media spaces. Aiming to protect the depleting forested regions, the organization is working to introduce its project into as many spheres as possible. Through this effort, Nobleland hopes to become much more than an ecological environmental project.

“According to the World Wildlife Fund, more than 30% of the Earth’s land surface is covered by forests. In the process of deforestation, carbon dioxide is emitted back into the atmosphere, which puts humanity in a dangerous situation”, says a spokesperson for Nobleland.

At this very moment, over a billion people get their food, medicine, and fuel from forests. A quarter of a million people currently live in forests and savannah areas. They fully depend on these forests for daily food supplies and earning money. This makes forests the natural habitat for more than 80% of Earth’s land animals.

“We are morally obliged to sustain nature’s diversity, maintain our planet’s health, and most importantly fight climate change for present and future generations. And if we don’t start acting right now, at this moment, we will lose the only chance we are ever going to get”, says a spokesperson for Nobleland.

Nobleland is the first tree-planting organization in the world that assures tree owners of the exact spot a tree is planted. Every tree receives a stainless steel tag with the owner’s name engraved on it. The owner is then notified of the GPS location of their tree, giving them the opportunity of visiting the countries in which the trees have been planted. The organization also provides owners with noble titles, personalized prices, and so on, according to the number of trees they have planted.

Nobleland is a 501(c)(3) environmental non-profit tree-planting organization. Its sole mission is to conserve the lungs of planet Earth; the forests. The organization offers a unique platform for individuals and companies to directly connect with nature. By partnering with professionals from around the world, Nobleland can make every tree count by planting and later sustaining it. 

The project will soon be live on Indiegogo platform. Plant a tree-become a noble.

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