Lifestyle Medicine by Dr. Sundhya Raman at My Wellness Doctor Prevents Illness, Reverses Disease, and Optimizes Health and Wellbeing

My Wellness Doctor uses diet and lifestyle adjustments to bring about positive changes in the lives of people. It promotes health, happiness, and longevity. Clients begin their journey to regaining health with a free 30-minute consultation.

According to announcements released by My Wellness Doctor and Dr. Sundhya Raman, the system of lifestyle medicine followed at this wellness center optimizes wellbeing, prevents illness, and can even reverse medical conditions.

The team of qualified and passionate medical doctors at My Wellness Doctor learns about an individual’s lifestyle, health issues, and diet before recommending one of the treatment plans available. Or, it may come up with a custom, pay-as-you-go plan where the subject benefits from individual consultations.

The doctors at My Wellness Doctor encourage their patients to make small changes in lifestyle incrementally so as to allow one’s body, mind, and routine to adjust to them. These changes, such as exercise for aerobic and anaerobic strength, optimising sleep habits, minimising stress, and cutting down on harmful dietary components such as sugar, can be the difference between getting chronic diseases and staying healthy. After 30, the stresses of modern living and poor lifestyle habits can trigger conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc. A timely shift to healthy living can prevent and even reverse these conditions.

Lifestyle medicine utilizes the evidence presented in the scientific literature to initiate changes in diets and habits. This leads to rapid or incremental improvements in health, depending upon the initial status of a person.

Lifestyle medicine is a proven way to mitigate side effects from medications through adjustments in diet and exercise. The system reduces dependence on medicines, many of which may be habit-forming, expensive, or both. My Wellness Doctor does not prescribe medicines but will coordinate with one’s GP to inform about the changes it recommends. The clinic uses the science of epigenetics and stresses the presence of healthy gut bacteria along with steps to reduce chronic inflammation as tools to promote healthy living.

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Dr. Sundhya Raman of My Wellness Doctor said, “I am a medical doctor with a Ph.D. in genetics as well as a diploma in lifestyle medicine. I am well qualified to improve peoples’ health and am well trained and experienced at evaluating and interpreting studies at the forefront of medical science. I love working with people; it is profoundly satisfying to be a part of the process as people feel educated and empowered with the right tools to shift their health destiny.

“My father suffered many of the worst complications of diabetes; recurrent heart attacks, open-heart surgery, and multiple stents into the grafted blood vessels, as well as complete loss of his vision (and therefore his independence) because of diabetes. Through my research, I realized the impact of lifestyle on diabetes. Another family member who showed signs of kidney damage and eye damage secondary to diabetes. After modifying his lifestyle, his blood sugars improved, his medications were reduced, and both his kidney and eye damage were reversed. In understanding the limitations of medication and the approach often taken in conventional medicine – we aim to not simply treat the symptoms of decompensation, but rather the underlying disease.”

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My Wellness Doctor uses diet, lifestyle, and wellbeing to promote healthy longevity in its clients. The clinic has helped individuals regain health and vitality while reducing their dependence on medicines. The doctors at the clinic know how to change a person’s “health destiny” for the better.

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