Stainless steel special-shaped sheet metal processing process

The main steps in the processing of stainless steel special-shaped sheet metal include cutting, bending, bending, welding, rivets, counting and surface treatment. The processing process of sheet metal parts is as follows.

1. Design the drawing of stainless steel special-shaped sheet metal parts, and draw the detailed structure of the sheet metal parts, that is, the development drawing of complex structure parts.

2. Seasoning: There are many types of seasoning methods, and they are usually combined.

a. Use a cutting table to punch and punch to form the shape, length and width of the sheet metal parts required by the drawing;

b. The punching time is short and the efficiency is high. The press is used to gradually press the flat structure of the unfolded part on the sheet metal part.

c. CNC, blanking, CNC programming. There is also laser cutting.

3. Edge tapping: The edge is a pull hole, from a small bottom hole to a slightly larger hole to increase strength and prevent tooth slippage. Usually used for thin plate processing.

4. Drilling: Drilling is done through corresponding mold operations, such as: drilling diagonal cutting, drilling, drilling methods, etc.

5. Rivet: Use punch or rivet machine to complete rivet screws, nuts, rivets and other operations.

6. Bending: Usually, the equipment and stainless steel special-shaped mold are bent to complete the flat material with three-dimensional shape.

7. Welding process: Welding refers to the combination of multiple parts. Usually, there are robot welding, carbon dioxide shielded welding, argon welding, spot welding, etc., which can be selected according to needs.

8. Surface treatment: usually used to protect materials and prevent oxidation. A protective film applied to the surface, such as a phosphating film or lacquer.

9. Assembly: Combine some parts into a finished product in a certain way.

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