MIRATs ITSM Tool Suite Dilutes Difficulties of Information Technology Asset Management in Oil & Gas Industry

MIRATs ITSM Tool Suite Dilutes Difficulties of Information Technology Asset Management in Oil & Gas Industry
MIRATs ITSM Tool Suite | IT Asset Management in Oil & Gas Industry
ITSM asset management software enables oil and gas businesses to track various assets across numerous locations and optimize their equipment’s production with repair and maintenance

IT service Management Frameworks can be challenging for the oil and gas industry due to manual processes and non-standard legacy technology used to handle expanding modern-day activities. Due to the enterprise platform’s lack of Asset management in oil and gas, the absence has created bottlenecks in workforce enablement processes. Significant employee hours are spent manually executing repetitive operations that could have been automated using rules and adaptive systems. Oil and gas asset management software can monitor operations and optimise asset usage by maintenance personnel (including field service technicians) and managers.

Early discovery of problems was nearly impossible. MIRAT’s IT service management tools can effectively eliminate real-time solution creation and proactive measurement. Numerous such avoidable flaws became problems, wreaking havoc on the system. The corporation’s size, complexity, breadth of functions, and geographically dispersed teams magnified the impact of even the most minor incident management errors to compound these difficulties. As a result of security concerns, they need an IT service management and delivery solution hosted inside and accessed via a web browser over a LAN or WAN.

MIRAT is an ITIL-compliant solution that adheres to industry best practices, and the ITSM services list solutions are scalable. Our IT service desk can manage between 100 and 100000 tickets and includes an integrated smart load balancer that dynamically assigns requests to technicians based on their level of expertise, priority, availability, and load. If you want to try out MIRAT before investing in it, you can do so by taking up the 14-day free trial version here.

Additionally, MIRAT’s cloud-based applications scoping and department classification capabilities enable the client to deliver the ITSM solution to geographically dispersed branches and departments while maintaining granular control over who sees what. Additionally, our system includes built-in connectivity and synchronisation with Active Directory, allowing you to import all user information from all of these numerous branches into a single location.

MIRAT.ai is a set of ITSM modules that can be installed internally and accessed as required via the corporation’s network connection. Additionally, it is accessible via a mobile app, which enables customers to submit requests, track their status, and communicate with technicians. To know more, you can request a demo here.

Prioritize requirements, simplify service catalog, and reduce security risk:

• The Oil & Gas associations operate throughout the country. This widespread presence created an obvious issue: keeping track of all IT assets, whether hardware or software, is going to be quite challenging. This facilitated licence violation and underutilization, as well as cost increases and security issues.

• Oil & gas agencies can use MIRAT’s Asset Management module to detect and identify all active and inactive assets within the company’s network using auto-discovery. In addition, we provided an agent application for identifying devices located outside the network.

• After discovering the assets, our platform’s built-in CMDB can be leveraged to create a centralised repository for all IT assets in the oil & gas infrastructure. This helps the organisation keep track of all data and fully view all network assets’ relationships and dependencies.

• After deploying our ITSM suite, the client will get a clear grip on their IT service continuity management, locations and configurations, the times and methods for updating them, and whether they are over or under utilised. Additionally, our service desk is tightly coupled with our IT asset management solution, enabling clients to associate tickets with their asset inventory for improved tracking and analysis.

MIRAT has been proven to reduce 80% of your operational expenses, 20% of outage costs and increases team productivity by 60% and efficiency by 30%. You can now get your ROI in just 6 months! Our pricing plans are very cost-effective (starts at $4 per month) and affordable for startups, SMEs, MSMEs, along with enterprise-level plans for larger firms with more extensive requirements.

Visit www.mirat.ai or mail to [email protected] for more information!

Adopt change management to ease into the process:

Prior to using IT service management tools & solutions, the O&G firm lacked a consistent process or procedure for capturing and managing IT change requests for applications, patches, operating systems, and rules, among other things.

After deploying the MIRAT platform, the client can use our powerful change management module to manage modifications to their IT infrastructure. In addition, our change model can help them in efficiently planning, tracking, and implementing changes.

They now possessed the tools necessary to create applications, solutions, and patches with the least possible impact on the infrastructure. Additionally, our ITSM services can help businesses streamline, approve, and roll back procedures through well-defined rules, historical data, and simple collaborative functionality.

Mirat.ai is now an artificial intelligence-driven cloud software capable of providing all the packaged tools under one license, offering centralized self-service capabilities with No/minimum staff and remote monitoring capabilities that presently no other competitor is able to serve. The USP of MIRAT.ai is “Automation” of IT infrastructure management that is highly aligned with ITIL and current trends. The IT infrastructure management includes but is not limited to the operating system, database, network, storage, application, middleware spaces etc.

Visit https://www.mirat.ai/trial.html to access your free 14 trials and evaluate how MIRAT can be useful for your ITSM needs.

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