Top Companies Are Hiring On-Demand Professionals to Drive Growth. Find Out Why.

With the pandemic paving the way for workers quitting their jobs and moving towards remote work, Oomple is rising to the challenge to help organizations hire top on-demand professionals to deliver the work.

After over a year of pandemic-induced lockdowns, COVID-19 has proved to accelerate collaboration between companies and freelance professionals.

Companies can save money by leveraging on-demand professionals to speed up their projects, help implement new technology, or even help a company pivot! You can’t forget the costs of hiring a full-time employee for a project with a start and end date. With freelance professionals, employment costs are eliminated, such as benefits, inclusion to payroll, etc. It’s proven to be more economical and efficient to hire a freelance professional for a company’s ebb & flow and fluctuating business cycles than hiring someone full-time, training them, and keeping them busy once the hecticness slows down. There is a massive cost to operating in that fashion. Of course, every company needs a full-time employee base; however, more and more companies are seeing the benefits of supporting this full-time employee base with flexible staffing. Given that freelancers come equipped with experience and a highly specialized skill set to complete a project, they hit the ground running with minimal ramp-up time, cut production time in half and increase projects’ level of success! 

The rise of freelancing during the pandemic has also paved the way for the so-called “Great Resignation” or the post-pandemic resignation boom. There’s an influx of professionals seeking remote options after reprioritizing their work-life balance at the height of the infamous coronavirus. The labour market is changing, and gone are the days where most professionals work for the same company for 20+ years, and in comes the “Career of Me”. More and more professionals are moving toward freelance work because it allows them to focus on work they love and hone in on their expertise — Helping companies achieve their projects, and then they move on to a different company facing a similar problem.

“That’s where Oomple comes into the picture,” says Sarah Powers, Vice President for Sales and Marketing at Oomple. “The future of work is now, and it is freelancing. Flexibility, control, lifestyle, travel, freedom and many more advantages are swaying people to freelancing. And we couldn’t agree more with her!

Oomple is the global marketplace that empowers a new generation of on-demand professionals by connecting them directly to companies that need their skills. The innovative platform also enables companies to access a live network of top on-demand professionals and matches them according to their project needs.

The use of freelance professionals has already almost doubled in the last five years, and more than 80% of large corporations plan to increase freelance hiring in the coming years substantially.

“Staffing agencies are a thing of the past, and top companies are going to the Oomple platform to hire consultants and freelancers,” adds Sarah.

Oomple finds that 50% of the workforce will be on-demand by 2027, and 47% of companies are more likely to engage On-Demand Professionals than before COVID. Oomple is for skilled professionals offering their expertise and companies seeking professionals to fill skill gaps and accomplish important projects efficiently. With flexible staffing, companies hire web developers, and other top vetted experts like Financial Analysts, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Data Scientists & more.

Oomple has shot to the top as the #1 global network of top on-demand professionals. Companies can get candidates within 48 hours, and the platform offers no upfront cost and a 14-day talent satisfaction guarantee.

“We believe that diverse experiences and perspectives are what makes any team great. We also believed it was time to change the industry and bridge the gap between companies and on-demand professional talent. We’re a team of creatives, innovators, pun masters, go-getters, and dreamers. We’re proud of what we’ve built and of the awesome people that we’ve worked with along the way,” says Sarah.

The Oomple platform aims to build a community that uplifts and supports each other. The marketplace is changing how companies find and hire freelancer professionals while providing them with the tools and community they require to thrive.

Those who want to learn more about Oomple may visit its website for more information!

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