Clear Aligners VS. Traditional Braces: Why it is time to say Goodbye to the latter

About to start the journey towards straighter teeth but are confused which treatment to opt for? No anymore. 2USmiles has an easy answer.

Tustin, California – Gone are the days when Orthodontists only outlined traditional metal braces as a treatment to unaligned teeth. Now along with others, there is an option of clear aligners which can be opted for. Adults who are swinging in between the choices provided by the Orthodontist. Carry on reading and get confident to opt for clear aligners which are invisible, easy to wear and affordable.

There was a time when traditional braces were the most common. Adults and teens with mouthfuls of braces were quite a usual sight. However they were never the option patients happily chose. With advancement of technology, the tables have turned and the patients now have many convenient options available. Traditional braces are now out of option. Here is why:

  • Traditional Braces are Prominent: The whole idea of wearing braces is to straighten teeth and have a confident smile. But this is not possible with the traditional braces which are visible on each and every tooth. This often makes people self conscious who avoid opening their mouth, let alone smile. Instead of providing the patients with confidence, it makes the wearer feel uncomfortable and less confident.
  • Lengthy Procedure: Traditional braces are considerably painful as compared to the 2USmiles’ clear aligners. They are inconvenient and require regular medical supervision. Regular check ups can result in sore mouth as different tools are used by the dentist in which some may be sharp. With life getting busier day by day, adults are discouraged by the idea of routine dental check ups.
  • Expensive Treatment: Just to leat the readers know, dental expenses exceed 120 billion. One key factor in rising dental expenses are the braces. Expensive and lengthy treatments often put off the patients who discontinue their treatment.
  • Hygiene is compromised: The hardware of braces cover teeth and are often harder to reach while cleaning. It results in areas being missed leading to poor hygiene.
  • Cavity: The reality is that cavities may form, and the longer braces are on, the likelihood increases. Cavities are more likely to form around braces and getting them filled would require removing the wires and brackets on the affected teeth, getting the cavity filled, and then re-affixing the brackets and wires. Not everyone will be willing to go through this tedious process, and so cavities may be left to fester.
  • Demineralization: When food is acted upon by bacteria, demineralization occurs. During this process, the acid pulls minerals such as calcium and phosphate out of the teeth, and this can cause white spots. Not only are these spots an aesthetic nightmare, but they also weaken the tooth and increase the risk of cavities. 

With so much at stake, one is always in a state of confusion. But not anymore. 2Usmiles provide an easy solution. They are on a mission to make easy-to-use orthodontics that are at home impression, accessible to anyone who needs it for teeth alignment. Their mission statement is: ‘We take ‘teeth’ very seriously and want to see people’s smile improve significantly.’ It didn’t happen overnight but was a long run effort. 2USmiles teeth straightening product is powered by expert dentists who are working hard to transform the orthodontics landscape. They are committed to adding value to everyone who use their products through dentistry expertise, digital innovations, and cutting-edge technology.

Why choose 2Usmiles?

2Usmiles creates a computer model of the teeth that replicates the form and shape of the impression. Using laser scanner technology, they can capture 3D data that will then be used by their professional team to craft a custom set of aligners. They are100% committed not just to delivering great outcomes, but to making sure their patients feel cared for throughout the process. That’s why they offer something that other companies don’t: remote monitoring by an orthodontist. The same specialist who designs and prescribes treatment plans will track the progress, with scans patients take from their phone. Patients won’t have to worry about how everything is going, because an orthodontist will be able to keep tabs on treatment from wherever patients are. No hassle of taking an appointment or traveling.

The customer satisfaction doesn’t end here. 2USmiles assures that if there aren’t any periodontal (gum) issues or cavities, teeth will not hurt during the process. However, at the beginning there could be mild discomfort as the body adjusts to a foreign device. Each set of aligners is to be worn for 2 weeks. Their clear aligners are guaranteed to be invisible aligners. Made using patented material, they go through several checks before the final product. 2Usmiles clear aligners are BPA free and FDA approved. Patients in the treatment process or plan to start the treatment, there will be no unwanted side effects.2USmiles not only provides the best services but is extremely cost effective too. It promises to provide for people without burning a hole in their pocket. They have many satisfied patients.

To get amazed by the prices they offer, visit their website and order today. To check if 2Usmiles is covered under the insurance, buyers can email them. Subscribe to their newsletter to stay updated. They ship in all states of the U.S.A. So start your journey towards a beautiful smile.

The procedure of teeth alignment involves three easy steps:

  1. Go to their website and order an Impression Kit. It comes with all the required instructions.
  2. Send it back for examination. Dentists along with experts will examine it.
  3. That is it, receive aligners at home. No dentist appointments or no lengthy procedures.

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