Once again Consumer Defense Law Group Atty. Toni Cara successfully reverses another Trustee Sale

Allowing a foreclosed family to retain ownership of their home after getting foreclosed on April 1st, 2021.

Costa Mesa, CA – November 4, 2021 – John Hughes purchased his Yorba Linda home in May of 2002 for his wife Linda to raise their family. Unfortunately, John’s business as many others across the U.S experienced serious financial hardships that were caused by the Mortgage Meltdown crisis of 2007.

John Hughes received his first Notice of Default in May 2009. Mr. Hughes fought tooth and nail to work with his lender thru 2019. Paying upfront fees to licensed law firms as well as unscrupulous foreclosure consultants. Mr. Hughes like many homeowners made every attempt to get caught up and stay on track while unsuccessfully trying to get his lender to give him a break.

The most recent Notice of Default was recorded in December 2020. Soon after a Notice of Trustee Sale was recorded on March 5, 2021. Mr. Hughes’s fight to keep his home of 19 years seemed to have come to an end on April 1st, 2021 when his lender foreclosed, yes it was on April’s Fools Day. The Trustee’s Deed Upon Sale which is the instrument that finalizes the Trustee Sale was recorded on May 18, 2021.

Starting on that April’s Fools Day, John Hughes got bombarded with solicitation for eviction protection services as well as possible surplus fund retrieval from law firms and non-attorneys promising the moon. John instead got in touch with the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates who had sent him a large First-Class package long ago intended to help him avoid losing his home with zero out-of-pocket cost.

Fortunately for John and his family, the Nonprofit Clinic quickly referred him to Consumer Defense Law Group a super experienced Foreclosure Defense Wrongful Foreclosure Lender Liability Law Firm. This firm has successfully completed many Trustee Sale Reversals in the past. For example, they have successfully reversed a Trustee Sales sold to an innocent 3rd party purchasers for a past client that had been already evicted from her home.

On July 12, 2021, there was a Minute Order recorded with the Superior Court of California Case # 30-2021-01183906-CU-OR-CJC granting Consumer Defense Law Group’s Attorney Toni Cara’s Motion to Rescind the Trustee Sale placing the property back into the name of John Hughes and his family.

If facing challenges in making the mortgage payments or simply wanting to lower the monthly payment even if in default and facing a Trustee Sale, the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates needs to be the next call. The Senior Directors have been helping homeowners as well as those wanting to become Homeowners for more than three decades. The Nonprofit Clinic counts on Direct Lenders, Real Estate Brokers, Private Investors, Lender Liability Wrongful Foreclosure & Bankruptcy Attorneys, Retired CPA’s as either Directors or on-site 3rd party alliances to be of services to those in need: www.NACAlaw.org or calling 855-NACA-HELP.

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