Kickstarter campaign launches an innovative financial education app for kids

DeNaio is a breakthrough fintech app that has been developed to teach kids practical life lessons on finance management in a playful and engaging way.

Smart financial management is one of the keys to a happy and fulfilling life. Unfortunately, we don’t get education on financial literacy in schools and that might result in struggling finances as one grows up. Visionary Italian tech company EduFin Tech has recently launched an innovative financial education app on Kickstarter that aims to teach children financial literacy from an early age. Titled “DeNaio”, the app is backed by industry-leading features that have been carefully designed to help parents guide their kids to be financially prepared for life from the start.

The DeNaio app comes with all the hands-on financial tools that parents need to effectively prepare their kids for a prosperous financial future. 

“DeNaio has been developed to help parents with all the right tools they need to guide their kids on the ins and outs of financial literacy and financial management from an early age. Our app is uniquely designed to enable parents to empower their little ones with practical life lessons in financial literacy as well as maintain close monitoring and control of their child’s spending behavior. This way, the app will teach children to learn the ropes of smart financial management and prevent out-of-control spending”, stated Assim, founder of EduFin Tech.

One of the most important features of DeNaio is the Prepaid card – an immensely versatile card that will be your kid’s own ‘MasterCard’. From making ATM withdrawals to swiping cards in store to making online payments, the card can do it all. 

The app comprises two main sections – The Parent Wallet and The Children’s Wallet. Both these wallets are intelligently designed to turn pocket money for kids into practical but also fun lessons that they will remember throughout their life.

Features of the Parent Wallet:

  • Set scheduled allowance payments that will be automatically transferred to the child’s wallet
  • Make unscheduled instant payments to the child’s wallet in case there is an emergency
  • Set rules for a child’s prepaid cards, such as set limits on spending, ATM withdrawals, online shopping, in-store shopping, and so on.
  • Allocate chores for kids for which they will be rewarded with pocket money, upon successful completion
  • Receive notification containing expert tips and advice on child education, finance, and upbringing 

Parents will receive a cashback when they invite other parents to join the DeNaio family. 

Features of Children’s Wallet

  • Allows children to earn some extra money by doing chores allocated by their parents
  • Allows kids to set saving goals and work towards meeting them
  • Allows kids to use their Prepaid cards for ATM withdrawals, shopping, etc. as per the rules set by parents
  • Check account balance 

Kid-users of the app will be able to use the Prepaid Card at all places where MasterCard is accepted. The spending limit will be 1-300 Euros.

One of the coolest bits is, DeNaio allows kids to customize the prepaid cards just the way they wish for a more personalized experience.

“DeNaio is not just an innovative money app- rather a tool that will help your children to grow up into a matured financially-wise individual. We are offering up to 50% discount on books for all child backers of the campaign for the 2022 school year.”

“However, such a cutting-edge app demands robust financial support and thus this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring DeNaio to life and secure the financial future of your kids.”

Backers will be rewarded with special Kickstarter discounts on DeNaio subscriptions. To show your support for the campaign, please visit Kickstarter

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