WashMyT, Now the #1 Tesla Car Wash in the US, Surpasses Competition By Focusing On Niching Down.

Washing a Tesla without anything bad happening is a challenging thing to do. Jokes aside, not only is a Tesla extremely easy to scratch, it also requires specific approaches to its glass, interior, wheels, and FSD cameras. WashMyT has become the leader in the Tesla car wash industry by providing owners a differentiated Tesla wash-experience. Recently, the company turned its focus to scaling that same unique experience across the US.

Over the last year, WashMyT.com has scaled up its services to be the premier Tesla car wash in the United States. How WashMyT works is that they partner with top-rated mobile detailing and car wash businesses throughout the US. These verified wash pros are licensed, insured, and 5-star rated before even joining the WashMyT network. WashMyT has implemented a Tesla specific wash regimen with their wash pros, designed to maximize how clean your Tesla is.

We spoke with a representative on their operations team and they had this to say, “Believe it or not, washing a Tesla is a bear. They are so easy to scratch! And most first-time owners have no idea! Tesla owners need to understand that Teslas have water-based paint and can scratch much more easily than maybe what they’ve driven in the past. Washing a Tesla requires a set of specific techniques and a very disciplined approach. That’s why we exist though.” 

WashMyT explained their 4 different wash packages to us:

–  Touchless+ – Their famous Touchless Wash, No Handwashing, No Interior. The cheapest, and quickest wash. For touch ups, and general aesthetic upkeep.
–  Handwash+ – Their famous Handwash, Exterior Only, No Interior. For Tesla’s that need a human touch, sometimes there is to much grime caked on. You’ll need a Handwash in these cases.
–  Total Package+ – Handwash exterior plus an Interior clean. If you need your interior cleaned too, this is the package for you. You’ll get your exterior and interior cleaned.
–  Premier Detail+ – Exterior detail plus an Interior Detail. This is the package for those that want to give their Tesla a deep-clean with an actual detail. Expect this to take longer, but the results are amazing!

Customers looking for interior cleaning for their Tesla can turn to the “Total Package+,” which spruces up the Tesla with ingenious interior cleaning. This package includes an exterior hand wash, interior vacuum, interior wipe down, fine-touch any interior blemishes, and the WashMyT guarantee (if you aren’t satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund).

Meanwhile, the “Premier Detail+” package takes it a step further. Aside from hand washing and interior vacuum and wipe-down, this package offers what is known as the “Clay Bar Treatment.” It’s a process where the wash pro utilizes a clay bar to remove contaminants from the Tesla’s surface. The usual contaminants that pollute and gradually tear down the car include things like dust, tree sap, and dead bugs.

While WashMyT eventually plans to have actual brick and mortar locations, they currently only operate as a mobile car wash. This means they come to you! Please keep this in mind when using them. 

Due to high demand, WashMyT currently requires you to book 48 hours in advance. Some things to keep in mind, if you schedule a mid-day wash and it is sunny out, please try to park in the shade. This will reduce water spots. Once the WashMyT professionals complete the wash, they will let you know they’re done. Afterward, you’ll receive a post-wash report with pictures and the ability to review your wash.

As the industry leader, WashMyT constantly puts out new and free materials to empower Tesla owners to wash their own vehicles!  For those strapped for time, WashMyT.com offers Tesla car wash services in every major city in the United States.

Customers may email or send a direct message to the WashMyT team to get booked for their Tesla car wash. They can also check out the “Tesla car wash near me” section on the website. Others, who wish to learn more about WashMyT and its car wash packages, may visit its social channels for more information.

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