SBC1 Dental Mask Reduces the Spread of Infectious Diseases

August 15, 2022 – The patented SBC1 Dental Mask, developed by Smart Biz Company One (SBC1), is now available for purchase. It guards against droplet infection. The innovative SBC1 Dental Mask is made for consumer use and features a triple-layered air filtration technology that cleans the airflow going in and out of the mask.

According to one of the company’s officials, “This mask is specifically made to offer the user comfort, style, and protection against risks that are known to be severe, genuine, and part of everyday life.”

The mouth-and-nose cover mask and standard surgical mask do not fit the face snugly enough to consistently protect against droplet infection in polluted ambient air. This is due to the fact that the air passes through openings at the masks’ edges.

Additionally, some of the masks use materials found around the house that don’t have enough of a filtering effect to guard against droplet diseases. SBC1 has introduced its proprietary SBC1 Dental Mask to address the issues associated with today’s masks.

A droplet-blocking mask with pleasant breathing is what the company is offering with its patented SBC1 Dental Mask. Its innovative design, which comprises three structural layers of textiles, powers its potent filtering system. The Outer layer (liquid-proofing fabric for babies), Interlayer (high-density melt-blown), and Inner layer (anti-adhesive non-woven fabric) make up the three structural layers of this mask, which protects the user from airborne diseases.

It has excellent wearability, coupled with the fact that it was made with light and soft fabric, as well as fitting round cutting, making it a face piece that precisely fits the contours of the user’s face, maximizing wearers’ protection and comfort.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has validated the patented SBC1 Dental Mask as Safe Quasi-Drugs. Additionally, it is non-toxic due to its success in detecting dangerous compounds like formaldehyde, PH, arylamine, etc.

The revolutionary SBC1 Dental Mask is your best option if you’re seeking for a face mask that provides complete protection against droplet infection. Visit this page to learn more about the product or to buy it.

About Smart Biz Company One (SBC1)

SBC1 is a firm with a team of creators and thinkers based in Seoul, Korea. They are veterans in the production and distribution of high-quality and reliable personal protective equipment (PPE) at a reasonable price. Each of their product is duly certified and has undergone thorough lab testing. What sets them apart is that all their products are made from non-toxic and renewable materials that are 100% Guaranteed Authentic.

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