Ponysky once again leads the industry by being the first to launch Ponysky AI

Recently, NASDAQ held the “AI Day – All-round Intelligent Investment Forum”, which focused on AI investment applications, including high-frequency trading combined with AI technology, AI to improve the winning rate of stock trading, and quantitative program trading practice sharing. According to NASDAQ President and CEO, Adena T. Friedman, young investors are moving from the digital currency community to U.S. stock trading in order to revitalize quantitative trading in order to develop the Smart Trading Investment Alliance as an important annual event for quantitative traders.

Ponysky (PYY) Technologies is Canada’s leading provider of artificial intelligence platforms and services, dedicated to democratize AI to empower business and people.

The Ponysky Company specializes in securities and finance and developed Ponysky Technology in 2021, Canada’s first professional platform that integrates AI+Q+. Ponysky Technology was selected as one of the top 100 global AI cases and has been adopted by many leading institutions and served tens of thousands of professional quants.

At the beginning of 2022, Ponysky once again leads the industry by being the first to launch Ponysky AI, a full-stack artificial intelligence platform that empowers enterprises with artificial intelligence and helps them quickly achieve artificial intelligence upgrades to realize greater business value. Ponysky has acquired the relevant licenses such as Money Services Business (MSB) in the U.S. and the SEC in Japan to complete filing for globalization. Ponysky also provides users with powerful quantitative trading and analysis tools. Users can develop their own trading strategies and validate their investment ideas anytime, anywhere using the browser-based (Online backtesting platform) or localized (Such as RQAlpha) MiBasket products. We are constantly improving data quality, backtesting system, modeling algorithm, interaction design, user interface and user security to provide the best experience for our users.

What Is PYY AI?

In fact, the positioning of PYY AI is a service platform, an innovative artificial intelligence quantitative community, AI’s core products are aggregated revenue system, quantitative intelligent trading system, hedging quantification, burning quantification, nine risk control system, social circle.

PYY AI applies artificial intelligence techniques from multiple fields throughout the system, including logical mathematics, linear analysis, statistical psychology and other specialized sciences, to quantitatively analyze and forecast price and risk, find the most favorable trade paths, and perform profit and loss analysis after each trade, and provide the AI system with the ability to adjust and become a “Genetically Evolved” trading prophet. In the future, Pomysky AI will create a comprehensive application value and decentralize the application cooperation of major physical industries. Build the overall application ecology of blockchain + smart quantization + industry together!

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