LA Weekly: Hamilton Cheong Is The Pioneer Blazing a Trail That Will Revolutionize and Elevate Blockchain

LA Weekly: Hamilton Cheong Is The Pioneer Blazing a Trail That Will Revolutionize and Elevate Blockchain
Hamilton LA Weekly

The crypto industry has always prided itself on decentralized news. Being an unregulated market is one of its selling points. Real-life scenarios have long proven that the blockchain is not infallible.

Cognizant of this, Hamilton Cheong intends to disrupt the exploitative industry by creating the world’s first and only Fiat blockchain. What motivated the visionary entrepreneur to pursue this project was seeing so many people get taken advantage of. The progressive individual has been working on the venture for over half a decade.

Talking about the journey, Hamilton said:

“It’s been a battle and a half, but once again, you’ve got to look at the in-depth approach of this whole industry and what the needs are and build from there; that’s all I’ve done.” He then added, “You’ve got thousands and thousands of tokens; you’ve got five different blockchains that are all hacked, worm-holed, and rug-pulled. It’s mind-blowing that I’m the only person to build the world’s only Fiat blockchain.”

Hamilton is undoubtedly committed to his advocacy that ensures safe transactions in Web3. As a testament to this, he has worked alongside the US DOJ, SEC, FBI, South African Hawks, and other government offices, intending to stop the rampant scams and fraudulent activities in the crypto industry.

He was also instrumental in helping victims of the world’s biggest crypto scam, Africrypt. Through his admirable efforts, some people who lost their funds due to the hack have received their money back, with nearly 100 million in funds recovered.

On top of that, he is the CEO of Just Wallet, a trailblazing enterprise that provides a stellar solution for instant global money movements through its Proof-of-Value tokens. It is a fully audited, fiat-backed stable network that has proof of reserves for the top ten international currencies to start.

As the company’s global president, Hamilton spearheads the organization’s technological advancements and research and development team. Proudly sharing what the venture does, “We connect users with financial services they’ll love. Just Wallet gives you the power to build the future of finance. It allows you to connect, enrich, and utilize financial data to delight your customers.

With such a successful enterprise, the pioneer is on the verge of pushing the boundaries of blockchain, forever changing the industry. Furthermore, the future of crypto sure looks promising with the introduction of the world’s first-ever Fiat blockchain. Everyone, especially blockchain enthusiasts, should keep an eye out for Hamilton Cheong as he revolutionizes the industry and takes it to greater heights.

The incredible man passionately declared, “Now is the time to launch a fully regulated crypto product that solves the global money transfer problem to instantly move Data and Value to anyone, anywhere, to any Web3 wallet.”Hamilton’s passion and vision is to give back to all the impoverished people in the world and has built into the platform a percentage of return to a separate wallet to give back to those in need. The possibilities may yield endlessly positive results with the innovative developments by Hamilton and the dedicated minds behind the Just Wallet team.

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