GTV The future of Streaming Services

For many years Australian Television lovers have been served streaming services by a duopoly of Government Companies and Media Mogul Corporations.  

Rupert Murdoch News Corp and then government owed Telstra, whom predominately own Foxtel (who predominately own Kayo Sports and Binge). Nine Digital who owns Stan and Channel 10 which owns Paramount+ (You get the picture). 

Tycoon Streaming Services are generally made from the Top down, and that’s how it always was, and how it was always supposed to be. That was until the revolutionary Streaming Services of IPTV came along. IPTV offers thousands more streaming content for a fraction of the price and it has taken over the streaming industry by storm.

And it is here to stay. 

Ironically enough it was Amazon Primes owner Jeff Bezo’s and his Amazon Firestick Products which allowed the way for IPTV Services to flourish vastly on an international scale. 

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television ) is the delivery of Television content over Internet Protocol Networks rather than the traditional terrestrial, satellite and cable formats. 

IPTV Services have hit the TV Streaming market unlike no other industry in the last 5 years.  But of course you will not hear good things about the IPTV Industry in the media as it is a direct competition to their streaming services, and they simply would not want to give IPTV any attention or ‘clout’.  

That was until now. 

Internet Protocol Television paved the way for small businesses and young Entrepreneurs to thrive again in a declining economic market and GTV aka Geetelevision quickly became the Benchmark of IPTV Television in Australia. 

In the midst of Rising Inflation, a Global Pandemic and Recession you are simply not given too many outs. GTV gave back some power back to the people and this Robin Hood like streaming service paved the way for substantial savings. 

GTV offers the highest level Experience for lowest level pricing. Who said Quality and Price couldn’t go hand in hand? GTV basically offers streaming the way it should be. 

GTV saved one customer over $1000AUD of streaming  over the financial year. 

With all the Chaos and Covid in the world one user mentioned that GTV was “Just what the Doctor Ordered”. 

“For the First time, in a long time I am actually happy to pay for a streaming service” another claims. 

GTV offers a GTV box for $250 that provides free live TV, movies and series with LIFETIME ACCESS. Stream Away no more to pay!

GTV also offers their premium package starting from $25pm which offers a further 20 000 Channels,  120 000 VODS and Live Sport from around the globe.  

Couldn’t watch all this content if I lived to 100 ‘ one user mentioned’. 

“Seeing the smile on my customers faces and the general real wholesome happiness of customers viewing and sharing this revolutionary product and service amongst friend and family has made me like I’ve done a job well done” mentioned the director of Geetelevision.

“But It really isn’t about me or the organisation. Its about the customers and having them saving more money.”

Because in times like these, we all deserve better economical conditions.

PT 2 Coming Soon

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