Bringing Crypto Enthusiasts the Best of Both Worlds – VeganDoge is Launching this August 2022.

Bringing Crypto Enthusiasts the Best of Both Worlds - VeganDoge is Launching this August 2022.
#Vegandoge chosen #Voltichange to launch their project and also for extra burn

VeganDoge is a dog-themed crypto hyper deflationary token. The total supply of 888 billion $VEGANDOGE tokens will be burned on each transaction, appreciating the token’s value. Their state-of-the-art hyper-burning mechanism allows for a consistent, constant burning to ensure the value of the token increases, and it is beneficial for a long-term hold. 

VeganDoge is a reliable crypto project allowing holders to earn a guaranteed profit by simply holding the tokens. The process is smooth, quick, and hassle-free. The developers have chosen the Voltichange platform to implement booster burn. In addition to the burning mechanism, extra burns will take place using Voltichange. 

The project emphasizes the need to shift to plant-based products, ending animal cruelty. The four-phase project has been open to the public through the official launch of Telegram and Twitter platforms, building high anticipation among crypto enthusiasts looking forward to the launch of the $VEGANDOGE tokens, which will take place between August 18, 2022, to August 21, 2022. 

The project’s developers are a team of young, energetic tech-savvy individuals who view Blockchain as the driving force of the finance system of the future and contemporaneously view Veganism as the ultimate answer to end human suffering. After extensive research over the scope and limitations of the crypto world alongside the benefits of switching to vegan products, the team, after rigorous efforts, is extraordinarily emotional and overwhelmed with the response they have received from the people over Twitter.

“We welcome all of the readers and our family at Twitter and Telegram to be part of the token launch. With social causes and the future of decentralized finance at the core of this project, we promise to bring amazing and exciting surprises for the token holders, and it begins on the launch day as we will do big burns,” said the spokesperson of VeganDoge.

The project’s second phase will commence with VeganDoge P2E game development which gamers will earn through the gaming $VEGANDOGE token. The mega launch of a metaverse where Vegan and Doge integrate will begin with the project’s final phase. 

For more details and information, visit their website. Connect with the team of VeganDoge personally through their Twitter account and follow them on Telegram to stay updated with the latest news about the project. 

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