Harvest Wealth Management Offers a Faith-Based Path to Financial Freedom

Phoenix, AZ – Aug 17, 2022 – Investing is one of the best ways to secure a financial future, but it can be a risky endeavor when an individual doesn’t have the professional knowledge to do so. Harvest Wealth Management is a Christian-based financial planning firm designed to help mid-career Christians meet their financial goals. The agency is currently offering a free, faith-based financial planning consultation over the phone.

Everyone wants to retire in a position to pursue goals that are important and in line with the plan that their faith has for them. The team of experts at Harvest Wealth Management are fiduciary advisors that assist clients in creating a faith-based oriented plan to grow their wealth.

Founded by Pastor Eddie James, a Certified Kingdom Advisor® (CKA®) and wealth management advisor, financial planning is provided based on Biblical principles. The firm works with clients to create a financial plan and strategies for wealth attainment through sound Biblical values. The agency provides every Christian with what they need to know about investing. Individuals learn how to approach wealth from a different perspective.

The journey to faith-based wealth begins with a free consultation with Eddie James or a highly-trained member of his team. The individual’s assets will be analyzed, evaluated, and their needs assessed. A custom financial plan will be created and implemented with the client to achieve their desired goals and shape the financial future they’ve earned.

Harvest Wealth Management believes that individuals shouldn’t be a slave to their finances and that clients have the right to learn how to make their money work for them. Individuals can use the knowledge, tools, resources, and custom financial plan that are created, and apply them on their own or partner with the firm to implement them, on their behalf.

In today’s environment, it can be difficult for Christians to find someone with a faith-based approach to investing that employs the same ethics and values they hold important. Harvest Wealth Management enables clients to achieve wealth, based on Biblical tenets, live the life they’ve been called to, and do so with confidence and assurance.

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About Harvest Wealth Management

Pastor Eddie James teaches financial literacy, leads a Stewardship ministry, and helps create healthy churches in Arizona, the United States, and throughout the world. He works with professional employees, churches, and other non-profit organizations to understand finances from a different perspective and how to make their funds work for them to achieve their goals.

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