New children’s book by educator/author Holly DiBella-McCarthy is making a splash receiving Reader’s Favorite and Pacific Book 5-Star awards

“Dilly Duck Plays All Day” by Holly DiBella-McCarthy is a fun and captivating read that introduces math skills, pre-reading skills, and emotional vocabulary to children through an interactive storyline.

United States – A new children’s rhyming picture book, “Dilly Duck Plays All Day”, is making big waves in the contemporary kid-literature scene. Written by leading kid-lit author and veteran educator Holly DiBella-McCarthy, the book has received 3 Reader’s Favorite 5-Star awards and the coveted Pacific Book award.

Conceptualized based on the ethos of playful learning, “Dilly Duck Plays All Day” presents a rhyming picture book that is intelligently designed to hone cognitive skills in young readers. The book is written for children within the 2-6 years of age bracket.

“Dilly Duck Plays All Day” is available for preorder now, and for purchase on September 6, 2022.

The book revolves around Dilly Duck, a cute duck who is sitting near the lake in a big park called Wonder Wake. Dilly is lonely and looking for friends, her flock. And as soon as one duck comes, the book introduces the concept of counting to the young readers. As the story moves on, “Dilly Duck Plays All Day” continues by introducing and teaching pre-reading skills as well as emotional vocabulary.

In an exclusive interview, the author shared that the inspiration behind the book came from her lovely childhood memories with her own pet duck Dilly. The author was extremely close to Dilly- it’s her walks with Dilly around the neighborhood that helped her to find her voice and confidence as a young girl.

“I am excited to share with you all that I will soon release my new children’s book ‘Dilly Duck Plays All Day’ this month. I would like to express my gratitude to all the editors who have taken their precious time out to review my book and write such kind words about my work and the story. I would also like to take this opportunity to convey my reverence and gratitude to the esteemed Reader’s Favorite 5-Star awards for selecting my new work for 3 awards”, stated Holly DiBella-McCarthy.

 “One of the best ways to introduce learning to children is through storytelling and playful learning. ‘Dilly Duck Plays All Day’ aims to achieve the same by introducing pre-reading skills, math skills, and emotional vocabulary to young readers through an endearing story. We have used colorful illustrations that make the story a lovely visual treat while its interactive storyline will keep your little one glued to the lessons imparted through the story.”

About the author:

Holly DiBella-McCarthy, M.Ed., Sixth Year degree in Educational Administration, is a veteran educator with 35+ years of experience in pre-k through college. She started her journey as an educator by teaching kids with special education needs and it’s her experience as an elementary school teacher that inspired her to make learning fun. Over time, she rose to the esteemed designation of Director of Special Education and made the most of her position by making a positive difference in the life of many kids with special education needs.

A writer by passion, Holly DiBella-McCarthy has written several books for children, extension activity guides for parents and teachers, authored many educational journal articles and has also written for parent magazines and Chicken Soup for the Soul.

For more information and to purchase the book, please visit Amazon or Holly’s Raising Kindergarten Ready Kids website at Follow Holly DiBella-McCarthy on Facebook and Instagram

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