New Children’s Book – The Backyard Bug ABC Book for Kids From Best-Selling Author Alek Malkovich

New Children’s Book - The Backyard Bug ABC Book for Kids From Best-Selling Author Alek Malkovich
The Backyard Bug ABC Book for Kids From Best-Selling Author Alek Malkovich
Best-selling Author Alek Malkovich is pleased to announce the release of her new children’s book, The Backyard Bug ABC Book for Kids.

Want to get your kids to take their ABC seriously?

Boost your kid’s skills to make sure they NAIL it at school!

Parenting is a tough job. Your kids are never sitting straight for long enough, constantly wandering around in search of an adventure!

They’re always placing their hands in places they shouldn’t, trailing around bugs, and curious for anything that could spark their interests.

Yet, even though they remember how many legs their latest find had and how fast it could crawl, they always, always forget their W’s when it’s time to say their ABCs.

But what if you could make the ABCs interesting enough for your kids to remember?

Here’s how you could make your work easy!

With “The Backyard Bug ABC Book for Kids” reel in all the excitement from the outside world and give your kid the opportunity to explore, learn, and grow in a way that will help them learn their ABCs quicker!

This book has a bug allocated for every letter of the alphabet. Now you can let your kid crawl into the wonderful world of the bugs (without getting their clothes stained): From ants to walking sticks to spiders, this book brings you the perfect way to lure your kids into never forgetting their ABCs.

Here’s a gist of what this book has in store for your kid:

    * Vivid, eye-catching Pictures- Children typically remember things much faster when they can link information to pictures. Allow your kid to be fascinated by eye-catching images of bugs and help them want to learn their ABCs sooner than their friends!

    * Bugs Galore- It’s nothing new: Kids LOVE bugs. With our book, your little one gets to know fun facts about some of their favorite animals as they learn the ABCs. Practice makes perfect… And there’s no better way to ignite children’s interest in the right direction!

Backyard Bug ABC Book for Kids has everything your kid could want in a book. It’s the perfect mix of fun, knowledge, and learning… all wrapped up together!

Because who said learning couldn’t be fun?

Book Information:

The Backyard Bug ABC Book for Kids

By Alek Malkovich

Published: August 9, 2022

ISBN: 9798802548196

Pages: 54

Genre: Children’s Book, Children’s Picture Book

About the Author:

Alek Malkovich is a work at home mom of three, who is passionate about creating art and activities for kids. She started out by providing material for education and recreation for her children.

She is interested in graphic designing and creating activities for kids of all ages to enjoy.

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