Stuffig is the new way to collect, manage, and share reviews on TikTok and Instagram

Brands can build credibility by letting customers review and share experiences with their products and services.

Stuffig is the first social review platform that lets brands and influencers collect, manage, and share reviews. This social proof is essential for brands to establish credibility in a crowded and ever-growing social commerce industry.

The rise of social commerce — using a social media platform like Facebook or Instagram to buy and sell goods and services — has presented new opportunities for scammers. Establishing social proof through testimonials enables buyers to shop confidently with brands they trust. Stuffig aims to make every business account on social media reviewable. In addition, it wants to allow business owners to collect and share feedback with their followers. 

More than 55 percent of social media users ages 18-24 have made at least one purchase through a social channel, and social commerce sales are expected to hit $79.6 billion by 2025. In addition, approximately 73 percent of businesses sell products on social platforms, so brands need a way to stand out.


Utilize Reviews to Grow Business

Online reviews are an essential and cost-effective way to grow a business and drive product sales. For one thing, reviews establish a brand’s credibility — nearly 90 percent of buyers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends. In addition, 67 percent of consumers are influenced by reviews, so the impact on purchasing decisions can’t be overstated. 

Most companies want to build trust with their customers, and sharing online reviews is an excellent way to accomplish this. By engaging with reviews and sharing testimonials, companies show customers they care about feedback and deliver what they promise. Moreover, the input that businesses receive offers invaluable insights into what consumers do or don’t like about the company.

Social commerce retailers and influencers can set themselves apart by collecting these reviews and sharing them with their followers via Stuffig.


The Easy Way to Build Brand Trust

Stuffig features an easy-to-use setup that lets brands create a profile in just a few clicks. Then, companies can share the link to their Stuffig profile on social media and invite their followers and fans to share experiences with the business. 

Collecting reviews is only the first step. As feedback rolls in, brands should read, reply, and engage with what their customers say — even if it’s negative. Then, businesses can ask for additional details and use the reviews to change or improve their strategies.

Sharing good reviews with followers is essential; positive feedback can’t drive sales if no one ever sees it. Brands can use Stuffig to share testimonials on social media through stories, posts, and Linkinbio. Post the review, thank the customer in the post, and create an engaged community. 

Brands can also take advantage of Stuffig’s customer support team. If a company finds a review questionable, Stuffig will contact the author and ask for proof through an invoice, product photo, chat screenshot, or other means. The review will be marked as “under investigation” while the Stuffig support team gets to the bottom of it.


With Stuffig, brands can sit back and let customers spread awareness about their products and services. In addition, the reviews collected through Stuffig allow companies to build trust and credibility among their followers so they can shop confidently.

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