ActionCOACH United Franchise Opportunities During A Recession

With today’s economic conditions worse than before the pandemic. Small Businesses were struggling during the pandemic because of Lockdowns and Covid. Some businesses even closed down, some of those businesses were 30+ years old. there is no better time to help small businesses. Many have turned to look for the best franchise opportunities to thrive in the cutthroat industry. ActionCOACH United, a 29-year-old small business coaching franchise, helps them make headway.

ActionCOACH United, is a Master License Franchisee of the Global Action Coach brand. Action Coach is the #1 business coaching franchise globally that offers new and/or current Entrepreneurs the opportunity to own a low-cost franchise, high profit margin, and the ability to operate in exclusive territories all over the United States. The business was started in 1993 by Brad Sugars in Australia and then started franchising in 1997. 

Today’s post-pandemic climate has accelerated the demand for Business Coaching.  Businesses are having to transition and pivot due to these new changes and so is a certain percentage of the population. Current business owners are looking to venture into different industries and current Employees are entertaining Entrepreneurship. 

There are a few low-cost franchise opportunities available in all industries but ActionCOACH sets itself apart. Not only because of the lower start-up costs compared to franchises like MacDonald’s and Subway, but because of the monthly overhead and overall value. 

ActionCOACH stands out in the  business coaching franchise industry in many ways but this is the most important. The Model is scalable, meaning it allows you to build your Firm through your Team. You can also expand to multiple adjacent territories, install a management team to run the business day-to-day and ultimately exit the business to create a wealth event. In addition, Franchisees get to gain access to a range of business tools, solutions, and support to help them start and grow their franchise. 

Brad Sugars started the ActionCOACH brand in his early twenties. The company eventually took the global spotlight and is recognized as the leading and most awarded business coaching franchises in the world today. 

Tom Doughtry, a firm partner, said he had doubts about being a coach. However, ActionCOACH United helped him wade through the complexities of the process. This is because when someone invests and becomes a Franchise Partner, they own their own Business coaching firm, but the key difference is they are not alone. Acton Coach provides all the training, 29 years of credibility, and proven model.

“What really helped me get over the fear is I went to another coach’s 90-day growth club. I participated and saw the changes he was making in his clients’ lives. I was like, oh, he can do this, so this means I can do this too. From right then and there, I knew for sure I wanted to be in ActionCOACH, and I didn’t have any fears going forward. My advice is to take the step forward and own your own franchise,” Mr. Doughtry said in one of the Action COACH franchise reviews.

On the other hand, Shelles Wallace, from Houston, Texas, said while she didn’t have any fears as compared to others when they started the business, she was able to begin as a client of ActionCOACH, which made her see all the things the company has to offer.

“When I showed up to one of their 90-day strategic planning sessions, I said to myself that I wanted to do this. I admire the community, the culture, and the caliber of people in ActionCOACH. Business can be very lonely, so if you’re a business owner, you may already know that. But this is what I know: The type of people associated with ActionCOACH –– everyone is just trying to be a part of the team and uplift the other coaches. I feel like I can call anyone, anytime,” wrote Ms. Wallace.

As an international leader in business coaching franchises, ActionCOACH United has a global reach in 80+ countries with 1,000 coaches and 29+ years of experience in the business. 

Those who want to start their own franchise business may start the process via the website. Others who wish to learn more about Action Coach business coaching, how franchise owners get paid, and details on Action Coach franchise costs, also visit the main website.

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