Flux Panda releases Facebook Live selling alternative amid Meta shutting down the service

Businesses and online retailers impacted by the imminent shutdown of Facebook Live Shopping can turn to Flux Panda to continue reaching customers.

The live-selling platform Flux Panda has launched an alternative to Facebook Live Shopping, which Meta is shutting down on October 1. Through Flux Panda, businesses can sell their products through livestreams, take payments, and stream their content across multiple platforms, including Facebook. 

In early August, Meta announced it was ending Live Shopping events on Facebook to shift its focus to Reels, the short-form video product on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook Live broadcasts will continue, but retailers won’t be able to tag products or create product playlists in their live videos. Live Shopping will continue on Instagram.

Livestreams are a huge revenue source for retailers — they’re expected to generate $120 billion in sales worldwide. As a result, companies will need a Facebook Live alternative, and Flux Panda is stepping up to fill the gap.

Flux Panda’s live selling platform offers several improvements over Facebook Live Shopping. For example, with Flux Panda, sellers can build their own customer database, which lets them collect and organize customers, see trends, and turn insights into action. This enables businesses to control their customer database rather than the livestream host.

Small businesses will also benefit from zero-commission payments by connecting their bank accounts through a service like Stripe or PayPal or receiving payments through a secure bank transfer. In addition, shop owners can consult with customers virtually by booking online appointments, which can help them make a sale.

Multi-Channel Live Selling

Flux Panda’s platform makes it easy for businesses to add live selling to their existing e-commerce channels, including their website, mobile app, and social media channels. It’s an Instagram Live Selling alternative that doesn’t limit its users to a single app. 

Customers can purchase products while watching the live sales event, which can be broadcast on multiple channels simultaneously. Sellers can host competitions, lucky draws, countdown deals, and more to keep engagement up. In addition, they can add the live player platform to their website, which lets customers browse products while watching the live show.

Live sessions are recorded and can be viewed by customers after the live show for increased exposure. Business owners can also upload pre-recorded videos and attach products that viewers can purchase in just a few clicks. 

Live selling puts a single-video sales event in front of many customers simultaneously, increasing conversion rates. The videos can also be shared through social media, email, chats, and more and Flux Panda ensures a seamless transition back to the business’ e-commerce platform. 

Another boon to businesses is that Flux Panda lets chat agents and bots interact directly with the audience. For example, they can process keywords, send direct responses, give discounts, and modify the content of the live show in real-time. 


Flux Panda offers an improved livestreaming sales experience to retailers and solopreneurs who will soon lose the ability to host live sales on Facebook. More than an alternative, Flux Panda offers many additional benefits, including the ability to go live on multiple platforms.

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