Lgmusicpub Publishing Makes Their Mark With Global Publishing Rights To Little Richard Catalog

As an award-winning woman-owned rights management enterprise, Lgmusicpub Publishing LLC has become a profitable brand by making music into global and brand-recognizable assets. They have garnered quite the reputation, making their brand a force to be reckoned with in just 7 years.

Atlanta, GA, USA – With a representation of numerous artists, songwriters and composers worldwide, it’s no wonder that Lgmusicpub Publishing (aka LG) has gone above and beyond with curating musical talent and genres into the ultimate artistic endeavor.


Lgmusicpub Publishing is renowned for being an award-winning rights management enterprise. They take great pains to build long-lasting relationships with agencies and register songs with reputable collection societies so their artists get the recognition and royalties they deserve for their art. 

Then there’s the fact that LG is one of the few companies in the entertainment industry exclusively owned and run by a woman. Quite an incredible feat for a company that was only founded in 2015 by CEO Konnea McAndrew, a former music artist and producer. In her own words, Konnea aptly expresses the core beliefs behind her company: “We partner with songwriters of all levels and music of all genres…We take pride in servicing the needs of our music community, and here at LG, you are always valued.”

To date, one of Lgmusicpub’s most notable accomplishments was acquiring global publishing rights to songs from the Little Richard catalog in 2018. LG procured Little Richard’s incredible musical works by signing a worldwide publishing agreement with Keith Winslow, a renowned songwriter, entrepreneur and personal friend of Little Richard. 

That business acquisition has had equitable outcomes for both LG and Winslow. In-between Little Richard’s many hiatuses from the music industry, he and Winslow returned to the studio in 1970 to record California I’m Comin’, featuring vocals and music by Little Richard and The Little Richard Band. Little Richard is cited as both the Pioneer and The Founder & Architect of Rock ‘n Roll, with the likes of Elvis, The Beatles, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, and Fats Domino. Multitudinously, more of the music industry’s most preeminent performers, such as Jimi Hendrix and Michael Jackson, have honored, revered and cited Little Richard as a strong influence and inspiration for their own music over the decades. 

With such glowing commendations, Lgmusicpub can only go from strength to strength in the future.  

About Lgmusicpub Publishing LLC:

Lgmusicpub Publishing LLC is a global rights management enterprise specializing in music solutions for music rights holders. Lgmusicpub represents over 40 artists globally and has publication rights to more than 500 exclusive tracks. Lgmusicpub Publishing provides synchronization licensing, custom music, score, publishing, administration, marketing and digital distribution for music rights holders. With partners in the US and Europe, the team focuses on global partnerships with clients in the visual media space, publishers, writers, composers, and producers.

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