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With the height of the digital age, it is inevitable to not be exposed to screens or other sources of artificial light, whether that be at home, at work or elsewhere. While this technology is a useful innovation that has drastically improved people’s way of life, scrolling through Instagram can not only be addicting but it can also affect one’s hormones, performance, sleep, and eyes. For effective help in avoiding the many side effects of screen exposure, BARKLEYS created a world first in innovative and conscious blue blocking glasses.

Using the latest science and research in biophysics, BARKLEYS glasses is able to block specific parts of the light spectrum that have been shown to be most disruptive and harmful to hormones, sleep, and eye health, while letting the rest of the light in; depending on the time of day, as people evolved around the light cycle of the sun, and bodies have not evolved to cope with constant daytime light as perceived by human eyes especially when looking at screens or turning on bright LED lights.

As a proud Australian owned small business founded in 2017, BARKLEYS has created premium blue light blocking glasses that serves the function of not one, but three pairs of glasses — their original blue light blockers can go from day to night use within seconds, thanks to clip-on lens technology. This is a cost-effective solution that cuts down on resources and the need of multiple pairs for those who want optimal benefits of blue light blocking.

Why is there even a need for multiple pairs? Unfortunately, the popular clear lens blue blocking glasses only block a small percentage of blue light, whereas a yellow tint can block 100% for optimal daytime protection – especially if one has any of the symptom. It has also been shown that blocking 100% of blue light and some green at night is the best for hormones and sleep which requires a special amber coloured lens tint.

“Our intention was to create a pair of blue blocking glasses that didn’t yet exist out there, with our multiple pairs in one concept for the health savvy and sophisticated minimalist,” the team at BARKLEYS shared.

As part of their deep passion for the planet, the frames of BARKLEYS glasses are proudly made of biodegradable acetate, a renewable resource that can biodegrade or compost in 115 days. It also uses no petroleum based plasticisers, unlike regular acetate. They have also partnered with a not-for-profit organisation in Kathmandu, Nepal, called Seven Women, who teach skills and employ marginalized and disabled women to create their own fair-trade income, and have handmade their hemp and organic cotton glasses cases. BARKLEYS has surely positioned themselves as a brand that cares, not just for their customers, but for the environment and their global community as well.

Integrating blue blockers into one’s lifestyle is easy and affordable – compare the cost with ongoing supplements or medication and it’s easy to see why everyone is raving about them as the best tool for sleep and eye issues. They recognize that in a world where people are tech savvy and heavily reliant on their devices and artificial lighting, these cannot be avoided, so they see it as a high priority to protect one’s eyesight and sleep.

Dayne and Indi, a husband and wife team and the founders of BARKLEYS, experienced firsthand the impact of too much artificial blue light on their health and sleep, experiencing the effects of a misaligned body clock, and the impact that would have on their waking hours.

Today, BARKLEYS also offers other sleep aids such as their red light headlamp for navigating in the night, magnesium spray for muscles and relaxation, re-timer light therapy glasses for helping reset a person’s body clock, and pure Australian beeswax candles for primal lighting needs.

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BARKLEYS is an Australian owned small business that offers original day to night blue light blocking glasses.

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