Brand Expand Launches KPI, Market Research, and Product Launch Software for Ecommerce Sellers

The new service is designed to help third-party ecommerce sellers drive external traffic and make smarter business decisions leading to explosive growth.

Brand Expand, a leading omnichannel eCommerce launch software, today announced the addition of KPI and Market Research into its SAAS offerings. This marks the company’s latest push towards providing data-driven solutions to their clients. The new service will deliver actionable insights and functionalities, enabling eCommerce sellers to increase organic traffic and provide valuable insights needed for sustained revenue growth.

“The need for external traffic, understanding eCommerce metrics, and omnichannel expansion will become increasingly important for third-party sellers over the coming years. We are here to help them boost sales on existing channels and expand their businesses into new marketplaces,” says the team behind Brand Expand.

Through Brand Expand’s proprietary services, eCommerce sellers can set up campaigns to advertise their listings to external customers, boost sales, and provide the KPIs need to optimize their online listings. It also helps them tackle problem areas, pinpoint competitors, maximize new opportunities, and drive traffic from multiple sources. Brand Expand eliminates the sales and traffic flatline after initial launch by offering a unique evergreen feature for clients.

As SAAS evolves to meet increasingly sophisticated client needs, Brand Expand remains at the forefront of innovation, helping online sellers achieve explosive revenue growth across multiple channels. The software integrates seamlessly with Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, Ebay, Target and many more channels via their manual product import functionality.

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