Facial Reposturing: The Anti-Aging Secret of Hollywood’s Elite

An innovative new way to achieve a youthful appearance – without surgery, injections, or expensive procedures

SILICON VALLEY, CALIF – August 22, 2022 – Imagine turning back the hands of time without surgery, pain, or injections. Aaron Parnell, creator of Facial Reposturing®, is bringing his revolutionary technique to the Bay Area. This non-invasive procedure achieves dramatic results by gently and strategically repositioning the deep facial muscles.

Facial Reposturing® can take years off your appearance and is an affordable alternative to expensive and invasive procedures like facelifts, surgeries, and other traditional solutions. Parnell’s treatment is a game changer in the beauty industry because it not only provides immediate results, but also long-term benefits with no down time. Even in today’s tough economy, people are still searching for ways to look and feel their best. For the first time, there is a non-surgical solution that delivers on its promise.

As many look for more affordable alternatives, Olympic sports therapist, Aaron Parnell, has identified a category called “Posture Optimized Beauty”. Parnell has developed a new beauty treatment called Facial Reposturing® that has been called “the next big thing” in the facial fitness/skin care and wellness industries.

Facial Reposturing® is a hands-on deep tissue facial massage that  releases years of tension from the core muscles of the face, neck, and jaw. The treatment is based on the principle that posture and facial stress play a major role in how we age. By gently releasing tension in the deep facial muscles, Facial Reposturing® can take years off your appearance with no surgery, pain, or injections. Parnell, who served as an official sports therapist for the Olympic Sports Massage team in Los Angeles, has used his posture optimization techniques to help some of the world’s top athletes achieve peak performance. Now, he is bringing his expertise to the beauty industry with Facial Reposturing®.

“It works because we are restoring the freedom and natural muscle tone in the core muscles of the face, jawline and neck” says Parnell who declares that regular Facial Reposturing® treatments will produce positive and long lasting results. He further states, “The outer skin is attached to the fascia in the deep muscles of facial expression. As the muscles are restored to their natural tone, the skin will plump and flatten over the muscles, leaving it smoother, with a healthy, radiant glow.”

This treatment was originally developed for his earlier clients who were undergoing his trademarked Reposturing® therapy for chronic pain and other body problems. When they expressed a desire to receive treatment for their facial, neck and jaw muscles, Parnell began to conduct extensive research, noticing that a person’s posture and stress have a direct effect on how tension patterns are formed in the face, jaw and neck. This discovery eventually led to his development of Facial Reposturing®.

Aesthetician Alma Sepulveda states, “This is an avenue for clients to maintain a youthful, radiant appearance, without feeling like they have to go under the knife.


Financial Advisor, Marian Jung, CPA says, “After being introduced to Facial Reposturing… People have commented that I look 20 years younger. Through this non-invasive treatment, Aaron Parnell has helped reduce the strain and fatigue in my jaw and face. I look forward to maintaining a long-lasting relationship with Aaron and consider him a vital contributor on my “Wellness team.”

“This is an avenue to maintain a youthful, radiant appearance, without feeling like they have to go under the knife,” Sepulveda said.

One of Parnell’s clients, Marian Jung, CPA, is thrilled with the results she’s achieved through his treatment.

“People have commented that I look 20 years younger. Through this non-invasive treatment, Aaron Parnell has helped reduce the strain and fatigue in my jaw and face,” Jung said.

Parnell plans to officially launch Facial Reposturing® in Booth 1033 at the Face & Body Expo – A Trade Conference for The  Business of Beauty and Anti-Aging Spa Wellness Industry, in San Jose, California. During the two-day event, professionals, media and  laypeople alike will have the opportunity to learn about Parnell’s treatment and receive a free introductory Facial Reposturing® treatment to see how facial freedom is a natural complement to facial image enhancement. Facial demonstrations will take place on both days of the event.

Parnell declares, “Poor posture and facial tension are at the root of premature aging. When you improve posture and minimize facial stress, you actually feel good all over.” He adds, “People are searching for a non-invasive solution that requires no drugs, surgery or down-time. I think we have something of timely-value with this treatment.”

To interview Aaron Parnell about his revolutionary procedure that’s affordable, painless and offers long lasting results please contact his staff at 650-347-4565. Parnell and his training team are available to travel for training as needed.

About Aaron Parnell, ACST, Creator and Developer of Facial Reposturing®

Aaron Parnell is the  sole creator and developer of Facial Reposturing®, a method which has helped thousands of people achieve optimum health and vitality. For over 40 years,  he has researched, practiced and helped people gain their freedom from pain and improve their quality of life. Being an author of over 100 published articles and the inventor of The Body Reposturing Therapies, Aaron has captivated the attention of different audiences, especially women, as being the go-to resource  for posture and pain management.

Using posture as the foundation for vitality and pain-free living, Aaron  has built a reputation as a leading posture expert and helps many achieve mind-body harmony regardless of  whether they have pain or not. His success rate is impressive, sitting at nearly 100 percent.

Situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, Aaron sees clients at his Posture Genius Club in his Vitality Life wellness center located in San Mateo, CA. There  he also trains practitioners, leads lectures/seminars, and workshops on the topic of vitality and health aging.

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