Left Home And Now Seeking Truth In Spirituality And Nature: Vali Releases Her New Song “Roots” With A Music Video From Another Dimension

Get To Know Vali: A Young Independent Artist Who Wants To Talk To Trees


VALI is a 22 year old independent singer, songwriter and producer. She originates from the Czech Republic but is currently living in London and studying music production and songwriting at BIMM University. She started making music at the age of 13 and since then she has managed to release a handful of songs, one of which was played on the biggest pop radio station in the Czech Republic “Evropa 2”. After years of exploring and releasing music of all kinds it seems like VALI has finally found her voice. She has also just finished producing the entire soundtrack for an upcoming feature film “The Meaning and Mystery of Life” (in cinemas in 2023), which combines live action, animation, and insights from spiritual leaders from all over the globe like Deepak Chopra and Lorna Byrne. The supporting soundtrack composed by VALI is a tasteful blend of modern film scoring sounds and classical orchestral arrangement. VALI seeks inspiration in nature and draws upon her personal spiritual experiences. Her goal is to show the world that there is a place of unconditional love for everyone. She claims humans, animals and plants are all equal and therefore deserve respect and love – that is why she is vegan.


Her new single “Roots” is an alternative pop/alt-hip hop song written in 2021 in her little London apartment during the COVID-19 quarantines. The lyrical themes are about leaving the material world people live in, reconnecting with their inner self and going to a space where they can all be one. “Our world that never sleeps often makes us forget our identities, our souls…”, she claims. “Roots” is a song that is authentic and experimental, these qualities extend to its accompanying music video, which thanks to its animations, will really send the audience to another dimension. The music video is a rendition of metamorphosis – self-knowledge and the process of rebirth through darkness and light. In the beginning, VALI awakens in an empty, foggy space in which there is not another soul. She gradually seeks her form and shape, eventually emerging from her cocoon and dancing with the newly hatched butterflies. Before finally dying again, extinguishing the video and song. “Such is the circle of life”, she adds. The song was released on the 12th of August 2022 and is now available on all streaming platforms. The official music video is out on VALI’s YouTube channel.


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