Dr. Moeen Shahabarat Emerges As A Prominent Israeli Personality & Representative of the Middle East Peace Alliance

Israeli diplomat and MEPA representative Dr, Moeen Shahabarat is an advocate of peace and humanity.

Moeen Shahabarat is a prominent Israeli and MEPA representative. Born in Upper Galilee’s Haifa. Since childhood, he’s valued justice and opposed dictatorship and violence. He knew his future goals. Moeen Shahabarat studied Business Administration. After that, he acquired a master’s in law and a Ph.D. in Middle East political science. His goal in studying political science was to help spread peace and cease wars worldwide and in his country. 

Speaking to the media, Dr. Moeen Shahabarat stated “The reason I dedicated my life to achieving peace is to make people’s goal of living in a world of peace and reassurance come true. The only way to do this is to join worldwide efforts.” He further added “I ask everyone to work together to get the peace in our world and to live the whole life with peace”

Dr. Moeen Shahabrat is one of the most influential peace advocates. He is a prominent believer in humanitarian endeavors and a supporter of the next generation’s reform. He thinks that the future must provide the finest for his country and the entire planet. The current state of the globe, according to Dr. Moeen, necessitates worldwide cooperation and our efforts to reduce its immediate and long-term harmful impacts on war victims.

According to Dr. Moeen Shahabrat “The aim of people today is to live in a world filled with peace.”

Einstein stated that humans need a fundamentally new way of thinking in order to live. Men must drastically alter their perspectives on the future and their attitudes toward one another. Force must no longer be used as a political tool. Today, we do not have much time left; it is up to our generation to think differently and achieve. If we fail, civilized humanity’s days are numbered. The Middle East remains one of the least peaceful regions in the world, despite the fact that several international and humanitarian organizations advocate for its peace and the end of wars and conflicts. We shouldn’t allow these individuals or organizations who seek to promote violence and death to govern our globe. 

Moeen says, “I gave my life to making peace because I want to live in a world with no wars, no damage, and no dictatorship, especially in my country.” He also says, “Our children all over the world sing songs about peace in school, but they don’t really know what it means.”

Peace, like justice, freedom, and happiness, is difficult to explain; thus, I will conclude this post with one of my favorite quotes: “It is not enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it is not enough to just believe in it. One must work at it.” Theodore Roosevelt

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