It’s Cashmere Season and Quinn is Offering Shoppers the Best Deals on Cashmere Clothing

For over a decade, Quinn has been providing quality Cashmere clothing and this season they have launched a collection which combines classic styles with fresh designs

Trends in fashion are always coming and going and for a fashion brand to maintain its relevance in the industry and with consumers, it must be able to reinvent itself and offer products that match up current standards. Quinn is a premier fashion brand that has a customer-oriented approach to doing business. Over the years, Quinn has provided men and women from around the world an exceptional collection of trendy clothing and the store is not relenting.

Today, Qi Cashmere, Founder of Quinn has announced that the store will release a revamped cashmere clothing collection as summer is here. The store has been providing cashmere clothing to its global audience and is taking it up a notch this time with beautiful, cozy, and astounding designs. In summer, people typically want to wear light clothing and the fine, soft texture, and beautiful lightness of cashmere clothing is perfect for this season. According to Qi, the new cashmere clothing collection offers a wide variety of cashmere clothing for men and women.

“We believe that clothing should not only be functional but also stylish. For us as a brand, we want to serve as customers with the best clothing collection,” explained Qi Cashmere. “We have recreated our cashmere clothing collection to give customers the best and trendy fashion for summer. We welcome you to explore our collection and get ready for summer.”

The cashmere clothing line at Quinn has an array of cashmere garments for men and women including cashmere joggers, cashmere wrap, and cashmere scarf. Quinn outsources yarns, fabrics, and buttons from around the world to create uncommon designs. The Quinn cashmere line, for example, uses yarn from Inner Mongolia which is renowned for its high quality. They’ve partnered with several manufacturing partners to maintain quality and ensure environmental consciousness.

Quinn is a complete repository that offers customers products that give them the confidence they desire. The store features clothing for women and men including essentials, loungewear, tops, sweaters, turtlenecks, dresses, bottoms, jackets, and outerwear. Shoppers can also get fashion accessories such as shoes, jewelry, sunglasses, eye masks, hats, and gloves. There is something on Quinn for every clothing need and everyone.

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About Quinn

Quinn is a New York City based contemporary men’s and women’s label. Founded in 2012 by Qi Cashmere, the store aims to take the quality and processes the company perfected over the last 14 years to create a contemporary brand that fits the modern life of men and women. Qi Cashmere has operated with the same mission: to source the best quality, sustainable cashmere on earth and create garments to be delivered directly to the consumer.

Quinn has been sourcing and producing 1st grade cashmere, at the highest quality possible, by working with cashmere goat breeders in Inner Mongolia to source the most long and luxurious hair imaginable to create quality garments that last.

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