Working together with MNCs (multinational corporations) to build a world-class life and health industrial cluster in Daxing Airport City

On August 23rd, the “life and health MNCs enter Beijing Daxing Airport City” event was successfully held in Beijing. Eight MNCs (multinational corporations), including Roche, BD, BAYER, Premier Research, Hillgene, IBM, AWS and IMEC were invited to attend the event.

At the meeting, the Investment Promotion BU(Business Unit) of Beijing New Aerotropolis Holdings co.,Ltd. shared the topic of “New opportunities for the development of life and health industry in the Era of Change”, analyzing the current status of the development of the life and health industry in an all-round and multi-dimensional manner, and deeply introducing the strategic layout, business environment, supporting policies, etc. of the life and health industry in BDIAEZ (Beijing Daxing International Airport Economic Zone). On the topic of “Thinking and Practice of Building a Global Life and Health Industry Cluster”, guests and delegates from Roche, BD, BAYER, Premier Research, Hillgene, IBM, AWS and IMEC shared their experiences and insights from the aspects of enterprise landing strategy, government-enterprise interaction and cooperation, and industrial cluster building, providing new ideas and references for building a world-class life and health industry cluster in BDIAEZ (Beijing Daxing International Airport Economic Zone). The new development pattern of “city-talent-industry” in BDIAEZ (that is, “build a charming city that attracts global scientific and technological talents, gathering global scientific and technological talents, and developing the scientific and technological industry”) was recognized by the guests present, and a fierce discussion was held on this innovative pattern. The emergence of “city-talent-industry” pattern also provides a new direction and implementation path for the construction of world-class industrial clusters/industrial parks.

A set of data showed that by the end of July, there were 2,961 registered enterprises in BDIAEZ (FTZ), including 2,908 domestic-funded enterprises and 53 foreign-funded enterprises. Since the establishment of BDIAEZ, a total of 2576 new market entities have been added in the two free trade zones, including 2529 domestic investors and 47 foreign ones. In order to vigorously promote international investment, it has set up 7 overseas representative offices in North America, Japan, Germany, etc., and established cooperative relations with CCIFC, AmCham China, etc.In terms of life and health industry, BDIAEZ has set up an expert committee led by academician Chen Runsheng and academician Wang Fusheng, and has hired professional institutions such as The Boston Consulting Group, Ernst & Young, Surbana Jurong Group, etc., to formulate a special plan for life and health industry, issue special policies on free trade zone(FTZ) and BDIAEZ to support industrial development, and set up a special fund system for life and health industry. At present, 231 related enterprises have been registered and landed, and 8 leading industrial enterprises, including Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co., Ltd. (“SPH”), a Fortune 500 company, the National Medical Center of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, the Translational Research Centre of Cell Therapy founded by BIDAEZ, etc. have been settled and operated.In the follow-up, relying on Beijing Daxing International Airport, we will build an international biomedical port integrating global biomedical transportation center, distribution center, supply chain center and exhibition trade center. It is expected that in 2023, 400,000 square meters of scientific research and medical buildings will be built, and professional service platforms such as research hospitals and CXO will be vigorously laid out, attracting international research and development centers, accelerators and other projects, so as to build the “research-medical-industry” three-medical integration ecosystem.

It is understood that Beijing Daxing International Airport Economic Zone was approved by the state to establish a three-medical integration health ecosystem with medical research as the core and medical service and pharmaceutical industry as the pillars. It has the world’s largest comprehensive transportation hub – Beijing Daxing International Airport, linking global resources with “one network in the sky” and “one network on the ground”; it is the only comprehensive bonded zone spanning provinces and cities in China with the policy of pilot free trade zones of both Beijing and Hebei; it provides efficient service, realizing “projects in BDIAEZ, administering in BDIAEZ”, and 178 examination and approval items has been decentralized, etc. We look forward to witnessing its gradual growth into a world-class airport city driving the future, and a new benchmark for innovation and development of global airport economic zones.”

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