Introducing The Cozy Toezy: The Blanket Lifter for a Pain-Free, Comfortable Sleep

Introducing The Cozy Toezy: The Blanket Lifter for a Pain-Free, Comfortable Sleep
The Cozy Toezy prevents heavy blankets and comforters from pressing down on toes and feet, allowing for a great night’s rest.

Anyone who has experienced the struggle of continuously trying to free their toes from the confines of weighty and restrictive blankets can now reach a new level of sleepy time comfort with The Cozy Toezy. It is a compact bed sheet lifter designed to keep blankets off the toes and feet for a roomy tent-like space at the end of the bed.

“The Cozy Toezy solves a problem you didn’t even know you had,” says the team behind the product. “Get immediate relief for your toes and feet.”

With The Cozy Toezy, there’s no need to struggle to find the right sleep position. It delivers the freedom of movement for a comfortable night’s rest on the back or in a supine position. The product is an ideal pain relief solution for people struggling with diabetic neuropathy, gout, dropsy, or any other types of foot or toe inflammation. The Cozy Toezy eliminates the strain on the toes, feet, and hips, enabling users to wake up energized after a refreshing rest.

Beyond these benefits, The Cozy Toezy offers a patent-pending intuitive design. It’s easy to install, doesn’t require complex mechanisms, is unobtrusive, and portable. It’s perfect for travel enthusiasts who wish for a good night’s rest wherever they are.

The Cozy Toezy Kickstarter campaign starts on August 30, 2022. Find more details here:

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