How a 28-Year-Old Mechanical Engineer-Turned Entrepreneur Is Disrupting An Industry with his company Ecommerce Automation

After losing $35,00, Brandon D’Ambrosio transformed his pain into a company with a powerful mission and a big goal.

Brandon D’Ambrosio was presented with an opportunity over two years ago to invest into an automated Amazon store that promised to generate thousands per month in passive income. He sold $35,000 worth of investments in the stock market and wired the money.

Watch him share his full story in this video:

It wasn’t until two months later that he heard from them, a corporate-style video full of lies and misdirects.

Two months later, his story was finally live.

In May 2021, his store was deactivated by Amazon.

And that’s when it got ugly. He tried relentlessly to contact the company, and they stalled him with fluff and more misdirection.

Eventually, the company closed, claimed they had no money, and refused to refund any of his money.

“I was angry, confused, depressed, but most of all, determined. Determined because I knew people who lost way more money than I did. I hear too many stories about how much money people lost with immoral companies in this industry who only care about getting their money.” He said.

He wanted to know if he could do it better.

He researched relentlessly. Finally, he came upon some people who had been running Amazon stores for over 7 years.

He brought them on as his team, and decided that he would disrupt an industry full of companies charging a lot of money for minimal results.

In April 2022, his company, ECommerce Automation, was born.

He founded it on 3 pillars:
–  To have a low-cost upfront investment compared to others
–  To use what he learned not to do (as a previous customer of the industry) to provide real results and have great communication
–  To have an actual refund policy to protect his clients’ investment

In the span of 4 months, he signed on 9 clients who decided to give his company a shot, rather than working with a much more expensive company, and who believe his vision to be the most trusted ecommerce automation company in the industry.

“We have only just begun,” he said. “And we work really hard to give our clients the best results in the industry, and we will not stop until the other companies are forced to either provide real results or disappear forever.”

Brandon is continuing to grow the business, and his team focuses on one thing: providing monthly cash flow for all of his clients.

“It’s a big mission, and a massive goal, but I’m an entrepreneur and I really care about people, so I’m up for this challenge.”

About Brandon D’Ambrosio

Brandon D’Ambrosio is the owner and founder of Ecommerce Automation (, focused on building and managing ecommerce stores for clients.

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