Purpostry™ Launches Program To Empower More Busy Individuals To Follow Their Dreams

Newly launched ‘Mastery Not Required’ program makes the pursuit of purpose possible for frustrated executives and business owners around the world.

Many people desire to live purposeful lives, but most people simply cannot afford to. Many, including successful executives and business owners, believe that it is only for the select wealthy few.

Citing the Wright brothers who pursued their dream, and as a result, invented air transportation, former corporate lawyer, Tim Low, contends that the world would be a much richer and better place if everyone did the same.

Knowing that financial security is the reason most people do not pursue their dreams, Low has made it his mission to help individuals build an income portfolio, so they can afford to pursue their purpose with peace of mind, knowing that their finances are secure.

To achieve that, Low teaches his students to create multiple uncorrelated income streams, Mastery Not Required™.

“When creating secondary or additional streams of income, mastery is not required, or even desired.” Instead, Low emphasizes the importance of “purpose led proficiency” – letting one’s purpose determine the level of proficiency that is required.

“If you were learning to drive to do the school run,” Low explains, “you would not need to master driving, you would only need the level of proficiency required to safely drive your kids to school.”

Most do this naturally when learning skills unrelated to their financial security. However, when it comes to their finances, they seek the certainty that mastery offers.

Purpostry™ takes an entirely different approach, relying on observable patterns, statistics, accounting principles, tax and other laws, to help individuals generate income, without taking undue risk, so that they can have the peace of mind to pursue their purpose.

This is something incredibly close to Low’s heart.

At the peak of his 20 year corporate law career, Low had fulfilled all his career goals, but was more frustrated than ever. His frustration stemmed from a lack of alignment with his own purpose. Low realized that many of his peers were in the same boat, but were unable to quit their jobs as they had become masters at one profession, and did not believe they were sufficiently skilled to make a living in other ways.

Instead of mastery, Low had become successful in his law career practicing “purpostry™”, a method he developed while preparing to become a lawyer in England, and which he has now taught to his students around the world.

Purpostry™ has evolved into a comprehensive framework for decision making, rapid learning, and is used to create and manage additional income streams for individuals who want to live purposefully.

‘Mastery Not Required™’ is a Purpostry™ Program that makes this accessible to more people at an affordable price, and is now open for enrolment. For more information visit: https://www.purpostry.com/

About Purpostry™

Most people cannot afford to live purposeful lives. Purpostry™ helps people maximize their potential to create a portfolio of income so that they can Live their Purpose, Mastery Not Required™.

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