Secure Insight Offers Consumers Free Risk Reports to Prevent Mortgage Fraud

Access to National Database of Thousand of Professionals and Businesses

Secure Insight, a New Jersey based FinTech company has launched a new service to empower consumers when choosing the professionals who guide them through the mortgage process. Typically home buyers and refinance customers are steered to use lawyers, title companies, escrow officers and notaries who they know little about. With financial crimes impacting three people every second, and fraud losses last year in the Billions of dollars, consumers have much to lose when identity theft and mortgage fraud impact their mortgage transactions.

Secure Insight was the first company to offer banks protection from fraud losses through the delivery of risk reports so that lender could prevent the loss of their funding wires from fraud. Consumers now have the ability to access a similar report that guides them whether the lawyers and other who have access to their money. loan documents and personal information in this process may cause harm.

Secure Insight President Andrew Liput stated “consumers deserve to be empowered to choose their own professionals, and not simply accept someone referred to them because of an undisclosed business relationship. By offering consumers free risk reports we are elevating their knowledge base about this complex transaction and leveling the playing field. Now consumers can know before they close whether someone may cause them harm.”

For more information visit or contact the company at [email protected]. There is no cost to a consumer to access a report.

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