DoFasting Reveals 9 Tips From Intermittent Fasting Practitioners to Successfully Kick Off With a Healthier Lifestyle

DoFasting, on a daily basis, performs interviews with the most successful intermittent fasting practitioners. The DoFasting team hopes to cast light on the most common recommendation and help the newcomers.

Intermittent fasting advocates – DoFasting company – interviews intermittent fasting (IF) practitioners on a regular basis in order to learn more about health practices and help people improve their life quality through IF practices. The company compiled the top 9 pieces of advice from IF practitioners who have collectively lost 438 pounds.

Track Calories – Eric J., Lost 35 Lbs

“Things really got moving when I started counting calories. My biggest hurdle with counting calories is I tend toward perfectionism. So I’d want to get an exact count on things that were only really feasible with the store-bought stuff. When I relaxed a little and realised I could guesstimate calories and do good enough, it suddenly became way easier to track.”

Aim for the Structure – John S., Lost 48 Lbs

“It is a journey where you learn a lot about yourself. I think one of my biggest takeaways from intermittent fasting is that it gave me the discipline I knew was inside of me when it came to making food choices.”

Be Patient – Dazarae, Lost 60 Lbs

“If you plateau or don’t notice instant results, JUST KEEP DOING THE NEXT RIGHT THING! It took 2 months to really start working for me personally. You have to allow your appetite to decrease, and the longer you can fast on a regular basis, the quicker that will happen.”

Adapt Your Diet – Kimberly and Anthony, Lost 38 Lbs Each

“We did not deprive ourselves, whether we had a wedding or a function to attend, but we tried to make good choices and waited until our fast was over before eating.”

Experiment – Paul, Lost 55 Lbs

“Learn all you can, but your body is unique, and you must try things to get continued results.”

Find the Exercise You Love – Betsy, Lost 53 Lbs

“My husband and I bought e-bikes in March, and we’ve discovered that our workout numbers are even better now that the wind doesn’t keep us from going out… As much as the struggle, a fast cadence up a hill gets our hearts racing.”

Zero-Calorie Is Not Always Zero – Rob, Lost 50 Lbs

“I learned that eliminating the things I think won’t impact my ‘clean’ fast such as gum and diet drinks really does make a huge difference.”

Stick With the Process – Andrea, Lost 29 Lbs

“It is always a bit nerve-wracking to start something new. Stick with the process. Believe in yourself. Understand that our bodies are not meant to eat all day. Not only will you shed unnecessary pounds, but you will also gain so much resolve, confidence, and understanding regarding your body.”

It May Feel Like a Fight, but It’s Worth It – Sandra, Lost 32 Lbs

“The one piece of advice I wish someone had said to me at the beginning of my IF journey was: This is a difficult climb that is not for the faint of heart! No matter how defeated you feel, do not give up the fight!”

The combination of experience, support and research can be the gateway to a healthier lifestyle and extended lifespan; for this reason, the DoFasting team will continuously research intermittent fasting to help people find the right lifestyle rather than a short-term diet. Read full success stories and see all before and after pictures at the DoFasting blog.

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