What Are The Causes Of Mildew On The Airtight Door And The Solutions

Airtight doors are a must-have part of people’s lives, but there will be mildew in the process of use. I believe that many users are more concerned about this problem, so in order to solve everyone’s confusion, the editor has compiled some information about The reasons and solutions for this phenomenon of airtight doors, people hope to help everyone.

1. The temperature difference between cold and warm leads to the generation of water vapor in the room. For example, in the continuous rainy season or the plum rainy season in the south, there is generally a lot of indoor water vapor, and even water droplets will condense on the walls and airtight doors, which is easy to make the airtight door moldy.

2. There are many reasons for mildew on the airtight door. Whether it is the weather or daily indoor activities, it may cause the airtight door to breed mildew.

3. It is possible that the wood was sprinkled with water in the process of making the airtight door, or the wood was made into an airtight door without drying.

4. The actual airtight door is painted less frequently, or there is a problem with the paint itself, which will also cause mildew on the airtight door.

5. Spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms often come into contact with water, and it is difficult to prevent water vapor from being absorbed by the airtight door, so the airtight doors in the kitchen and bathroom are relatively more prone to mold.

6. When people usually clean or clean, it is very likely that the water from the mop or rag will splash on the airtight door. Because I didn’t pay much attention in the process, over time, there are many small mildew spots on the airtight door.


1. The mold on the airtight door not only affects the appearance, but also breeds mold, which may cause other respiratory diseases such as asthma.

2. The manufacturer of the airtight door recommends that when the airtight door is found to be moldy, the mold can be wiped off with a dry paper towel, or brushed a few times with a brush and then wiped with a paper towel. If the mold hasn’t been removed, rub it vigorously with a damp paper towel or towel a few times. Special essential oils also have a good mold removal function. Mildew spots can be removed first with a clean soft cloth coated with a special cleaning agent.

3. Apply a layer of door wax or special essential oil to the place where the mildew grows, and put a piece of soap in the place with a musty smell, or it can be dried tea residues to eliminate the musty smell.

the solutions

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