The colliding of Two Worlds: An Ahmed Al Hosani story


A story of hope and belief is forged into the intricacies of melodies that will inspire. Ahmed Al Hosani is a fearless innovator in the world of Opera and Classical music. He is creating a fusion of Arab music and Classical music that is unprecedented in the UAE and around the world.

Taking on Opera singing is a task that can often seem daunting and extremely challenging, Ahmed however welcomes the challenge and seeks continuous improvement as a vocalist. He has been working on his vocal technique with an internationally renowned vocal teacher, Maestro Domenico Cannizzaro, an opera singer in his own right, and with “Style and Interpretation Specialist” with Ms. Aurora Muratti. They work in tandem to hone Ahmed’s musical acumen in both vocal aptitude and music theory in order to become a well rounded musician. 

Citing the challenging nature of Opera, Ahmed was quoted as saying… 

“Opera singing is endless and very demanding. As a singer I strive to be the best I can be and opera gives me the drive to improve and achieve, arguably the highest level of singing.”

Ahmed sings in many languages such as Arabic, English, Italian, French and German and has also attained global recognition having begun to amass followers in Europe and The Middle East. He has performed with renowned ensembles such as the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra and the Cairo Symphony Orchestra, a testament of his innate ability to connect with audiences across multiple demographics. 

Ahmed is also a writer, and has written lyrics for various songs that have shown his ability to incorporate, various dialects, genres, and while opera often has a great emphasis on polished delivery as a singer Ahmed still has room for creativity and emotion, often going in unexpected directions in a way that set him apart not just from other Emirati artists but from other musicians in the Arab world. Look out for this talented vocalist in a City near you soon. 

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