Canadian Visa Solution for the Citizens of New Zealand and Italy

Italian citizens must apply for a Canadian eTA visa in order to visit the country for tourism, business, transit, or medical purposes for up to ninety days at a time. Visitors from Italy staying in Canada for less than six months are required, not encouraged, to apply for an CANADA VISA FOR ITALIAN CITIZENS. If you are planning a vacation to Canada, be sure your passport is valid for at least three months beyond your planned departure date.

In an effort to tighten border security, the eTA Canada Visa is being sent out to travellers in stages. After four years of planning, the Canada eTA initiative was officially approved in 2012. With the number of terrorist attacks throughout the world on the rise, the eTA project was launched in 2016 to scrutinise international visitors.

Citizens of Italy are required to leave within ninety days after their arrival. A Canada Electronic Travel Authority is required for all Italian passport holders, regardless of the length of their visit (one day or ninety days) (Canada eTA). It is the responsibility of the Italian citizens to apply for the correct visa if they want to stay in the country for more than 90 days. For a period of 5 years, the Canada eTA will allow you to enter and travel across the country. Canada eTA holders from Italy are entitled to multiple entries into the country throughout the five (5)year validity period.

Any New Zealand citizen or permanent resident applying for a CANADA VISA FOR NEW ZEALAND CITIZENS will require a passport or other acceptable travel document that has at least six months of validity remaining. If you are a New Zealand resident with a passport from another country, you must apply for your Canada eTA using the passport that you will travel with. This is due to the fact that the Canadian eTA will be connected to the applicant’s specified passport. There is no need to print the eTA or present it to immigration officers at the airport since it is already stored electronically against the passenger’s passport in the Canada Immigration system.

A New Zealand citizen must schedule their departure for no more than ninety days after their arrival. Those travelling to or via Canada with a New Zealand passport are required to apply for and get a Canada Electronic Travel Authority, even for stays of one day to ninety days (Canada eTA).

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