Human Design and Mindset Mastery Combine In Individualized 90-Day Experience

Human Design and Mindset Mastery Combine In Individualized 90-Day Experience

Life and Manifestation coach, Adriana Keefe, creator of The 90-Day Whole Harmony Plan
Coaching Program Helps High-Achieving Women Attain Their True Goals

September 6, 2022 – High-achieving women often find themselves at a crossroads, especially in these recent challenging times, questioning what their next steps should be. Many feel unsure about what would best serve themselves but don’t know how to get the clarity they need to make a decision. Enter Life and Manifestation Coach, Adriana Keefe, with her personalized three-month coaching program for ambitious women seeking harmony without sidestepping their life goals. 

Oftentimes, ambitious women love their careers and find great fulfillment from their work but wonder at what cost as they sacrifice time with their family, their spouse, and even themselves. As a high achiever herself, Keefe recognizes this drive for success coupled with a need for balance in other women and the reason why she created her unique coaching approach that marries Human Design with Mindset Mastery. Over the course of 90 days, clients dive into exercises to recognize where external conditioning is holding them back from the successful life they envision, are given customized tools to begin reconditioning to their authentic selves and maximize awareness of their unique design, and come to understand how they’re authentically wired to interact within the world via their personal genetic blueprint through a Human Design chart reading. 

“Working with Adriana changed how I was feeling about my business,” recounts Harmony Slater,  Life-Wellness Coach and Certified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher. “Prior to working with her I was feeling burned out and confused about how to move forward to increase my income. Adriana helped me reframe my limiting beliefs and revive my energy so that I felt confident about how to move the dial forward in my coaching business.”

“I was struggling to take the leap away from the comfort zone I built in my current job,” says RH, a mom and freelance consultant. “What I wanted and thought I could achieve was directly competing with limiting beliefs about myself. After working with Adriana, I transitioned to having four hours per day to spend with family from extra projects, took a trip where I didn’t log into my work computer and learned to say no to the work that was not fulfilling my goals!” 

The 90-Day Whole Harmony Plan focuses on three pillars for success: Human Design in order to understand the client’s conscious and subconscious personality, insecurities, and natural strengths; Retrain the Brain to replace outdated, default paradigms with beliefs that align with their true values and priorities; The Whole Harmony Plan equipping the client with the tools to build the future they actually want, not what they think it’s supposed to look like, and is perfect for individuals as well as in corporate settings for team building. For more information: 

Adriana Keefe is an award-winning real estate dropout turned Life and Manifestation Coach with expertise in manifesting using the Law of Attraction and Human Design. She teaches high-achieving women how to create harmony in life without sacrificing their goals. Adriana hosts the podcast Women Who Want More and strives to coach through an entire mind/body/soul experience and teaches through 1:1 coaching, workshops, and speaking at events:

For more information, please contact Adriana Keefe at [email protected]

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