Alfa Chemistry: Epoxy-functionalized Pheromones Enjoy Popularity in Pest Control

New York, USA – September 6, 2022 – As a leading expert in the supply of pheromones, Alfa Chemistry has a thorough understanding of the essential role that insect pheromones play in pest control. Earlier this month, the company announced the decision to further enrich its offering range by introducing a dozen of epoxy-functionalized pheromones. Now a wide range of pheromones is readily available at Alfa Chemistry.

Though having a large family, insect pheromones are highly specific substances. Each takes the function of luring, stimulating, mating, gathering, alarm, or defense. This wide range of functions accounts for why specific pheromones are used to make traps to monitor target pests in agriculture or residential areas.

“Epoxy-functionalized pheromones are a type of insect pheromone with epoxy groups and play a vital role in insect information transmission. Currently, they have been extensively applied to agriculture scenarios with satisfying performance. For instance, with the help of epoxy-functionalized insect pheromones, it will be easier to distinguish the relevant species. In addition to pest control, epoxy-functionalized pheromones are also found applicable in population monitoring, mating interference, and mass trapping,” explained a senior scientist from Alfa Chemistry.

Below are a few typical epoxy-functionalized pheromones that are worth more attention:

(3Z,6Z)-9S,10R-epoxy-21carbadiene: this pheromone plays an important role in the cure of Hyphantria cunea.

(E)-cis-6,7-epoxy-2-nonenal: as an aggregation pheromone of Aromia bungii, (e)-cis-6,7-epoxy-2-nonenal can be used to collect a large amount of Aromia bungii for further elimination.

Meanwhile, many other epoxy-functionalized pheromones, including: (1S,4S,6R)-1-Methyl-4-((Z)-6-methylhepta-2,5-dien-2-yl)-7-oxabicyclo[4.1.0]heptane (CAS 111536-37-9), cis-7,8-Epoxy-2-methyloctadecane (CAS 29804-22-6), (±)-cis-6,7-Epoxy-(3Z,9Z)-nonadeca-3,9-diene (CAS 97697-78-4), cis-6,7-Epoxy-(3Z,9Z)-nonadeca-3,9-diene (CAS 97697-78-4), (±)-cis-3,4-Epoxy-(6Z,9Z)-nonadeca-6,9-diene (CAS 97697-79-5), and cis-3,4-Epoxy-(6Z,9Z)-nonadeca-6,9-diene (CAS 97697-79-5). Among them, (3Z,9Z)-6,7-epoxy-octadecadiene is mainly used for the control of gray tea inchworm and cis-7,8-epoxy-2-methyl-octadecane for the control of gypsy moth.

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To extend the honor as a recognized supplier of varieties of chemicals, Alfa Chemistry spares no effort to constantly upgrade and optimize its product lines. Fully aware of the importance of pheromones to protect crops, plants, gardening, agriculture, forestry, and home gardens, Alfa Chemistry has recently launched a comprehensive range of insect pheromones as well as relevant tailored solutions, hoping to present integrated strategies to solve challenges for its valued customers.

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